The Gallery

    My biggest canal Roach to date and only one of a handful I've ever had from my vast stretch of the grand union, at 1lbs 15ozs it was for quite a long time my personal best.
  A 7lb 10oz Barbel back in 2004, at that age I was hooked on Barbel, such a good looking species, with the power to match.
 My biggest canal Bream at a shade under 2lb, had many canal Bream but more in the skimmer range of 4ozs to 12ozs and over the recent years I have almost totally neglected the canals.

  Barbel at 8lbs 5ozs, one of six Barbel that day all between 6lbs to 8lbs.
9lbs 0oz, funnily enough i caught this one on a 6 foot kingfisher rod that cost £10, whilst wading right under my rod tip!

This was one of my first ever double figure Barbel from the Thames at 10lbs 3ozs and also had three other Barbel that day around 6lbs each, back in 2007 

A 14lbs Mirror from the Thames caught whilst fishing in amongst a 30 fish bag of Bream. Back in 2007

This 23lbs 14oz Mirror Carp was also caught in the middle of a Bream session. Back in 2011

A cracking looking Brown Trout at 5lbs 2oz my 4th biggest Trout. Caught in 2011

A 17lb fully scales Mirror Carp. caught in 2011
A 1 lb + Dace, very few and far between at this size

 A 16lb 14oz Common Carp caught in august 2011 on lobworm
 My only river Roach/Bream hybrid at 2lbs 7oz back in 2009
My first Rainbow Trout caught at Holme in Cumbria at 2lbs 6oz
 A 15lbs 5oz Common Carp caught on bread flake in 2010
A perfect little linear Mirror Carp.
A good sized Roach at 1 lbs 14 oz.
 A chunky koi common Carp at 19lbs 12oz, one of the biggest carp in the clapham common network of lakes. 2011 june

My biggest Tench of the year at 7lbs 14oz caught in september 2011 on my trusty bread flake in the hot summer evening
A pristine Rudd around a pound
A nice brownie caught on the fly on my 7 ft brook Trout rod with a 4 weight fly line and 3lb tippet, about 10oz
 Another good Barbel at 9lbs 13oz caught back in 2009, I managed 9 different 9lb + Barbel with 2 at 9lbs 15oz, all are probably doubles now.
A nice wildy Common Carp from Bushy park - heron pond 16lb 2010.
A proper bushy park slab of 8lb 1oz 2010
A fish that was caught in Turkey in 2009 summertime whilst on holiday caught on bread flake.

A 10lbs 4ozs Barbel

My 1st ever Carp on the fly, Common Carp 7lbs 15oz caught on the black buzzer.

My 2nd ever Carp on the fly, Mirror Carp 4lb 9oz caught also on the black buzzer.
 First Barbel of the 2012/13 season at 5lb 2oz.
Miniature fish gallery.

  Brown Trout 3oz
 Small Barbel around 8oz
 Very pretty scaled Mirror Carp
 3 little Mirrors from the same stamp
  A well proportioned Rudd

A small River Thames jack pike of about 2lb

End of Season Glut.

   For the final fews days I had many plans in my head but the weather made things very difficult to set plans in stone. In the end I did a ...