Season 2020-21 Fishing Records. ( Updated 13th Sept 2020 ) Open.

My Record of my biggest specimen of each species between 1st April 2018 and 31st March 2019.

Barbel - 
7lb 5ozs
Bream (Common) - 
8lb 14ozs
Bream (Silver) - 

Catfish -
39lb 9ozs PB
Carp (Common) - 
17lb 8ozs
Carp (Mirror) - 

Chub -
6lb 4ozs
Crucian Carp - 

Dace - 

Gudgeon - 

Ide - 

Roach - 
Rudd - 
2lb 5ozs
Grayling - 

Eel - 

Brown Trout - 

Perch - 

Pike - 

Zander - 

Tench - 
7lb 5ozs


  1. James are there Zander in the mole ember relief channel ?

    1. Not that I know of it has to be said but the Thames around the Hampton Court area does have some very large specimens and a 13lb Zander came of Teddington just two weeks ago, so there are big fish coming out.

  2. Awesome. Do you do any lure/fly fishing?

    I am a sea fisherman converting over as living in Surbiton and I habe lure and fly gear suitable for the rivers.....

  3. I do some fly fishing but not much, only around May, there's plenty of good fishing around Hampshire on the fly.


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