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Pursuit of my River Medway Double.

    Last winter I tried my hand at the River Medway, probably not the best time to target such a river owing to its nature. In flood I have never seen a river so violent and unforgiving, two to three metres of flood water can rush through the valley in what seems like a heartbeat, a couple of times I have either been fishing when the river has risen without warning, others I have arrived 1 or 2 days after heavy rains just to find roads impassible and entire fields under a metre of floodwater, so seeing it in a placid state was actually quite strange, this is what I was met with the other evening.  A quick journey down as its now my most local river was taken care of and within minutes the rod was set up and ready to go. After a half mile walk to my first swim completed it was time to get a bait out.   Having just received some new bait from Darren @thehookbaitcompany I opted to pop one 18mm BigSquid dumbbells on and await the action, baring in mind I hadn't yet had a bite or fish o

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