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Hampshire Avon (Royalty Fishery)

Over the last few posts I have spoke briefly about my pending visit to one, if not the most historic fisheries in the country and after all the years that I have been fishing I've never made the trip, but the time had come for that to finally happen. Day 1: On the Monday we made the trip from London down to Christchurch with a few friends, Jeff snr, his son Jeff jnr and Stu. All excited of the prospect of catching a massive Barbel is always enough to wet any anglers appetite, needless to say the journey went by in a flash and we stopped off at the fishery to drop Jeff jnr off who couldn't resist the temptation, but the rest of us had decided to wait until Tuesday to start our campaign, so we sat and relaxed with Jeff jnr and took in the sights of the picturesque fishery.  Unfortunately the session didn't start off as Jeff jnr had hoped without an inquiry for the remainder of the day, but I'm told that this fishery is not easy going, especially when you don't

Spinning for Predators

With my impending trip to the Royalty tomorrow I wanted to get maybe one last session in on the Thames, but instead of going for Bream, I thought of just taking my spinning rod down to Twickenham with my youngest bro Chris catching wind of my plan he couldn't resist the temptation and joined me, so we set out at about 3am and arrived about an hour later, because we was both using light gear we could try a couple different lures/spinners each and draw it through different swims in search of a hungry predator regardless of species.  Recently I have fished this stretch and it has been very difficult for myself and in truth I have struggled in my search for Pike, Zander and Perch over 8oz this season and I do hope that the colder weather will induce them into feeding more. For once the session did start off quite quickly when I hooked a small Perch about 3oz on one of my first casts and with a further few knocks in my subsequent casts which come to nothing, almost 2 hours of roving

Roving Barbel

 As the title suggests this afternoon I decided to kill a couple of spare hours and relax on the bank with the chance of bagging a Barbel whilst soaking up some sun, I travelled very light with my waistcoat packed with most of my odd and ends and the rest in my short roving gear in a shoulder bag.  On the way down I met up with Stu who also had some time to dispose of, so we set up in a deeper stretch of river and rolled a variety of baits through the swim with one of the first casts getting an enquiry in the form of ripping take with my rod bending right over and a Barbel on the other end charging around trying to ditch me on the far bank vegetation, but after a couple of minutes I had won the dual and landed my desired target, a lovely 7lb 7oz whisker. With a professional job of netting and taking the photographs by Stu it was my turn to do the ghilling, whilst creeping around the swim cleaning up litter left by idiots that call themselves anglers, I wasn't paying attenti

Operation Redfin Part 2

This afternoon I fancied going out to do some fishing owing to the fact I didn't get selected for my football match, so Roach fishing was on the agenda and my swim was to be the same spot that I fished towards the back end of august that I had been very successful in, with the sun out and 25c + it was a tad warm and that was good news as it was the weather that we had when I had the 2 brilliant hauls. I arrived at the swim, set up, cast out and waited......... for around 3 hours before I got my first real bite and I had a fish on which turned out to be a Chub very annoyingly, as I didn't want the Roach spooked off by the Chub storming around the swim, after releasing that fish it took another hour and a half to get another take the day certainly was not going the way I expected it to, it just goes to highlight how right I was over the 2 last sessions in everything from tactics to bait and time of day. The next bite that I got did turn out to be my target species that shot

Silly O'clock Barbel stalking

This morning I was out in search of stalking and landing a Barbel as I haven't targeted them recently because of the brilliant Roach shoal that I had discovered, armed with my centre-pin and trotting rod I was ready for action.  First blood was a 3.13 Chub caught on my 1st cast of the day at 5.15am, which did put up quite a scrap for a Chub but the excitement was soon over, I have to wait until 7.28 until I got my next take, with the rod hooping over immediately I knew it was a Barbel, on the light gear it did fight really well with it ripping line off of the pin. A couple of minutes of battling and she was in the net.   6.6 Barbel   It's been a couple of weeks so it was nice to catch one on my first trip out for 3 weeks in search on them, I did have one other fish in the shape of a 4.2 Chub that looked like a pig, I can't believe it didn't go much bigger but the winter feeding will sure change that.     

Tiddler Bashing Part 2

 After unfortunately having to work today as I owed a favour my day had been severely cut down in regards to fishing time, so on the way home I decided to go for a short session on one of my local lakes with my youngest brother Chris.  After a short period of waiting and building the swim, the takes started to come think and fast with an array of small Carp coming to the bank and a few Gudgeon thrown into the mix but nothing big as illustrated.  Over the next week I'll try to get out and do some Barbel fishing as I am starting to miss trotting for them and getting bullied by my favourite species of fish.   Chris with a little Common.     One of my pristine Gudgeon.