Saturday 22 September 2012

Hampshire Avon (Royalty Fishery)

Over the last few posts I have spoke briefly about my pending visit to one, if not the most historic fisheries in the country and after all the years that I have been fishing I've never made the trip, but the time had come for that to finally happen.

Day 1:

On the Monday we made the trip from London down to Christchurch with a few friends, Jeff snr, his son Jeff jnr and Stu. All excited of the prospect of catching a massive Barbel is always enough to wet any anglers appetite, needless to say the journey went by in a flash and we stopped off at the fishery to drop Jeff jnr off who couldn't resist the temptation, but the rest of us had decided to wait until Tuesday to start our campaign, so we sat and relaxed with Jeff jnr and took in the sights of the picturesque fishery.

 Unfortunately the session didn't start off as Jeff jnr had hoped without an inquiry for the remainder of the day, but I'm told that this fishery is not easy going, especially when you don't have the knowledge that the locals have, ie: holding spots of the Barbel, tactics and timing.

Looking up to the Trammels.

The view down from the Trammels

The Railway pool in the distance

Fishing a spot above the Telegraphs.

From my swim looking below the Falls.

Day 2:

 A new day and we had spent the previous evening fine tuning the rigs and decided where it would be best to spend the day, but I have learnt whilst Barbel fishing that they are a very mobile species so the angler has to be as well to stand a better chance of catching, of course that philosophy isn't adopted by everyone but I strongly believe in it.

 During the day I had fished almost every swim on the fishery for large swathes of the day with out seeing a single fish bigger than a Dace, the weed growth gives the fish so much cover and in doing so makes spotting them so hard, unfortunately a few of the swims were closed off due to work on the Railway pool and a couple of swims up and down stream of the railway pool, also a couple of very popular swims were inaccessible due to the extra water, which created a very boggy bank and without waders it wasn't possible to fish which was a shame as they have produced masses of Barbel in the past, but for this inconvenience the anglers were given until an extra hour to fish (9pm), which was perfect for us, as it would be dark and the Barbel would in theory feed more confidently because they don't get fished for that late on and the Barbel know that.

 I'd been roving for about 10 hours and not a sniff, I was doing the right things it was the fact the fish are heavily fished for and seen it all before, with dusk fast approaching I had decided to set up in a famous swim and put out a bottom bait and wait for one to come out of the weed and feed.

The top of the Pipes, my haunt for the evening, probably the most infamous swim in the country.

 So I was in position, hoping that something was on the feed, I laid back and waited, after about 15-20 minutes in the swim, I got an email on my phone which I was looking at when out of the corner of my eye I noticed my night light on my rod tip starting to bounce slightly and then a typical Barbel wrench, throwing my phone to ground and grabbing my rod, I struck into the fish and when I hooked it my heart started to thump and feeling very nervous as my chance of my first Royalty Barbel was on and so soon, but the fight was that of a fish I have not experienced yet, I thought I had hooked the bottom just that it was moving, for the next 17 minutes it slowly took line from my center-pin and ducked and dived between the weed beds and the line pinging off of the weed every time sending horrible thoughts through my mind that it would come off at any time, this was a very slow and calculated fight, the light had failed completely by this time and I couldn't see anything so needless to say I couldn't see the fish, so I didn't know how big it was, I've had many 6-8lb Barbel really scrap but this was in a different league, my arms have never ached so much during a fight.

 The fight went on for a long time and when she did finally tire I reached for the net and guided her in first time as she came towards the net I got a glimpse of her but only a flash of the belly, not being able to tell how big it was, a Barbel off of this river was the target regardless of it's size, so when I was in for the biggest shock of my life when I put the rod down and peered over into the net with my torch to see the sheer size of it, I said to my self this,"this is not happening", I could not believe what I had landed, it was the biggest Barbel I have ever seen in real life, with it reviving in the net I rang Stu who swiftly made his way around to my swim to witness it and take some photos and the weighing.

 Knowing it was going to slaughter my old personal best we put her on the scales when she turned the dial around on my avon scales to 14lb 6oz a totally immense and unbelievable circumstance had just unraveled and couldn't believe it happened to me.

My face was in a state of amazement and shock.

What an experience that I'm sure I'll remember the rest of my life, after a few minutes of reviving her I packed up and joined the rest of the party where word of the capture spread like wildfire much to my delight as a capture of this caliber is not one that is made often.

Day 3:

 After a night full of realization of my Royalty dream being fulfilled on the first night I could barely sleep but no wonder why, we all got up and prepared for another day on the bank where I changed my emphasis and decided to get some maggots and trot for some other species of fish.

 After roving the banks for the day I had caught a few species including Chub, Dace, Minnows and Bleak, the Perch evaded capture but I'll be back for them some day.




The trotting for the day was good fun and in such lovely scenery as well, as night fell I prepared myself to go back on the bottom to try for another Barbel so I made my way down to the bottom of the Pipes towards Greenbanks.

Your host in the Greenbanks.

 With dusk approaching I was waiting for an inquiry which did come in the form of another wrenching take that I managed to hit and within 3 or 4 seconds it was gone, the fish must have gone straight into the weed bank that I was fishing and shed the hook, so I knew I was in a good position and recast into the same spot but it wasn't going to happen as 8:45pm approached we packed up and headed back to the car.

Day 4:

 Thursday was my rolling meat day and the plan was to rove the whole fishery (the bits you could fish) rolling through every piece of weed to find a Chub or Barbel that was up for feeding and during the day I did struggle to get them out of the vast banks of weed that all of the fish hide in, I resorted to moving up into the Trammels and found a small shoal of Barbel and Chub in one of the middle swims so I sat back and waited until dusk with Jeff jnr just downstream of me in the Trammels, most of the fish caught during the week were all caught from the Trammels apart from the odd fish here and there.

 At around 8pm I got a ripping take that I hit and as I did a Salmon or Sea Trout lept out of the water where it must have hit my line, I was so excited for a split second then realised what happened but that does happen quite often I'm told by some of the locals, another day and no fish for the other guys, it was just starting to put into perspective what one fish really means on this fishery.

Day 5:

The Compound (The Great Weir)

We decided to all have a stab at fishing the great weir for the day, so with us all fanned out across the weir complex I did think that the Hayter's side of the weir would be a good place to start.

View to the weir.

Looking down to Hayter's.

The setup I used was the same that I used when I had the beast on Tuesday evening, fished right out in the middle of the pool in about 6 foot of water I fished pellet with a pva bag with some free offerings to draw them into feeding and after around about an hour I got a take and I was in at first I thought it was a Bream because the fight was quite poor out in the deeper water but when I got it in towards the bank and the shallower water it screamed off around the pools in front of me by which time I knew it was a Barbel and one of my wishes on this trip was to have a Barbel during the day because of the lovely color they take on in the clear chalk water that makes up the Avon.

A muscular 5.13 compound Barbel.

After that fish released the day seemed to pass by without a bite for anyone and again the night fast came upon us and we were fishing into dark hoping for someone to get a bit of action preferably one of the other guys as they had stuck to their task all week and no joy with Jeff jnr losing one of Tuesday in the weed at the top of the Trammels, 8pm came up quick and it was unfortunately time for us to pack up and leave for London, the holiday was over and it was a very relaxing place to be in the heart of the countryside and even though the Jeff jnr & snr and Stu didn't catch it was a nice getaway from the urban sprawl we are used to and to fish a river where fish traverse weirs and gravel bars rather than prams, trolleys and other debris. We will all certainly be back for another go at this pristine fishery, for me, well beating my personal best Barbel is now going to be a mammoth task indeed but I am more than happy with that and I still can't get that silly grin off of my face every time I think about it, Jeff jnr "described it as a look of shock".

Better luck next time lads it'll come and Jeff snr didn't get his customary double, last year his custom Barbel went 13lb 8oz, a massive fish!, ps cheers Jeff jnr and Stu for the photographs a pro job indeed.

Sunday 16 September 2012

Spinning for Predators

With my impending trip to the Royalty tomorrow I wanted to get maybe one last session in on the Thames, but instead of going for Bream, I thought of just taking my spinning rod down to Twickenham with my youngest bro Chris catching wind of my plan he couldn't resist the temptation and joined me, so we set out at about 3am and arrived about an hour later, because we was both using light gear we could try a couple different lures/spinners each and draw it through different swims in search of a hungry predator regardless of species.

 Recently I have fished this stretch and it has been very difficult for myself and in truth I have struggled in my search for Pike, Zander and Perch over 8oz this season and I do hope that the colder weather will induce them into feeding more. For once the session did start off quite quickly when I hooked a small Perch about 3oz on one of my first casts and with a further few knocks in my subsequent casts which come to nothing, almost 2 hours of roving with only partial hits I finally managed to hook something some 2 mile or so from our start point and it was fighting back and pretty powerfully to!, darting runs deep in the river giving my 6ft spinning rod a right run for its money, but as the fight progressed the fish started to loose it power and quickly headed to the net thinking it was a small Pike, a quality sized Perch rose to the surface and straight in.

 A pristine Perch that looked close to beating my personal best of 2.7, so without hesitation I weighed it at 1.15 just 8oz short of equally my PB, which considering its frame was pretty empty but a good Perch nevertheless.

( I hate flashes)
Landing that stripey at around 6am we had both decided to just push on a bit as we was going to pack up by around 6.30 and by that time had come 2 more Perch had been landed but again they were from the kindergarten shoal, at least one of the parents wanted to play ball.

Sunday 9 September 2012

Roving Barbel

 As the title suggests this afternoon I decided to kill a couple of spare hours and relax on the bank with the chance of bagging a Barbel whilst soaking up some sun, I travelled very light with my waistcoat packed with most of my odd and ends and the rest in my short roving gear in a shoulder bag.

 On the way down I met up with Stu who also had some time to dispose of, so we set up in a deeper stretch of river and rolled a variety of baits through the swim with one of the first casts getting an enquiry in the form of ripping take with my rod bending right over and a Barbel on the other end charging around trying to ditch me on the far bank vegetation, but after a couple of minutes I had won the dual and landed my desired target, a lovely 7lb 7oz whisker.

With a professional job of netting and taking the photographs by Stu it was my turn to do the ghilling, whilst creeping around the swim cleaning up litter left by idiots that call themselves anglers, I wasn't paying attention to Stu who was having a roll through and latched into a fish, I just happened to glance up and see Stu's rod hooped over, so with my brilliant skills of observation I asked, "Stu you in?", with the reply being a decent size Barbel roll on the surface as it headed back down to riverbed, a fight for a couple of minutes followed and it was my turn on netting duties.

Stu with his prize at 8lb 1oz.
The day was all square and we both got what we came out for, but even if we didn't catch it's simply being out in the midst of nature and relaxing whilst socialising is why we do it, with many of my friends asking me why I do it, but if your not an angler they will just never understand the concept.
 I wasn't finished though as I knew that more fish remained in the swim, so I changed my bait again and cast out which must have gone straight in front of a fish as my finger nearly got cut off by a vicious pull on the drop, definitely a Barbel on and today we really must have got it right as I haven't done that well for Barbel in such a short space of time for quite a while.
 Barbel number 2 for me was on it's way in but it had other idea's as they usually do but again as regular as clockwork once they are overcome it's just about keeping their head up out the water and slipping the net under before they realise and bolt off again as normally that's when you lose them.
A stocky 7lb 2oz Barbel.
After reviving her it was time for a stroll and find somewhere else and leave the rest of the Barbel in the swim to get on with some feeding and put on weight, autumn is fast coming upon us and it is nearly prime time for some quality Barbel fishing.

Saturday 8 September 2012

Operation Redfin Part 2

This afternoon I fancied going out to do some fishing owing to the fact I didn't get selected for my football match, so Roach fishing was on the agenda and my swim was to be the same spot that I fished towards the back end of august that I had been very successful in, with the sun out and 25c + it was a tad warm and that was good news as it was the weather that we had when I had the 2 brilliant hauls.

I arrived at the swim, set up, cast out and waited......... for around 3 hours before I got my first real bite and I had a fish on which turned out to be a Chub very annoyingly, as I didn't want the Roach spooked off by the Chub storming around the swim, after releasing that fish it took another hour and a half to get another take the day certainly was not going the way I expected it to, it just goes to highlight how right I was over the 2 last sessions in everything from tactics to bait and time of day.

The next bite that I got did turn out to be my target species that shot across the swim in typical big Roach fashion using the river to it's advantage, after a couple of short powerful runs I had it in the net and quickly weighed, 1lb 10oz, my Roach was landed.

That fish was shortly followed by an even bigger Roach of 1lb 14oz, nearly another 2lb Roach for the collection but it fell just short of that magical mark but after a hugely slow start I did manage 2 Roach both of which were of a fantastic standard anything over the 1lb mark is a fantastic sized Roach and I've been lucky enough to find a piece of redfin heaven even if occasionally they don't want to participate in my game and become famous.

Just 8 days until I get my long awaited visit to the Hampshire Avon, can not wait.

Another magnificent Roach 1.14.

Thursday 6 September 2012

Silly O'clock Barbel stalking

This morning I was out in search of stalking and landing a Barbel as I haven't targeted them recently because of the brilliant Roach shoal that I had discovered, armed with my centre-pin and trotting rod I was ready for action.

 First blood was a 3.13 Chub caught on my 1st cast of the day at 5.15am, which did put up quite a scrap for a Chub but the excitement was soon over, I have to wait until 7.28 until I got my next take, with the rod hooping over immediately I knew it was a Barbel, on the light gear it did fight really well with it ripping line off of the pin. A couple of minutes of battling and she was in the net.

6.6 Barbel
It's been a couple of weeks so it was nice to catch one on my first trip out for 3 weeks in search on them, I did have one other fish in the shape of a 4.2 Chub that looked like a pig, I can't believe it didn't go much bigger but the winter feeding will sure change that.

Sunday 2 September 2012

Tiddler Bashing Part 2

 After unfortunately having to work today as I owed a favour my day had been severely cut down in regards to fishing time, so on the way home I decided to go for a short session on one of my local lakes with my youngest brother Chris.

 After a short period of waiting and building the swim, the takes started to come think and fast with an array of small Carp coming to the bank and a few Gudgeon thrown into the mix but nothing big as illustrated.

 Over the next week I'll try to get out and do some Barbel fishing as I am starting to miss trotting for them and getting bullied by my favourite species of fish.

Chris with a little Common.
One of my pristine Gudgeon.

Breaming of a Slime Fest.

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