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Specimen Rudd and Perch Exploits.

 Of late, I haven't managed much time out on the bank, fishing time has been there but the conditions have been poor to say the least, the time I have spent out have been in search of Rudd and Perch both of which I am targeting very large specimens, this season I really want to get some really big fish on the bank, not that last season was a disaster........far from it.  The Rudd that I sought after are on a network of canals in the south of England, whereabouts are unknown yet as I have walked maybe 20 miles of the canals already, with two trips not turning up any Rudd myself and fellow stalker Simon Daley have made it our task to locate them, on that occasion we did finally find those bars of gold and crimson fins, the only issue was they ranged from 2oz to 10oz, not the size we've gone to bed dreaming of but where the small ones are, larger are surely present, somewhere. After faffing around with a few of those fish we had a go at stalking some decent Carp and Tench that

Canal Carp - Back With a Plan.

 The canal recently has been carrying a lot of colour, which is making my stalking very difficult. This morning though I made the effort to get out of bed and on the water by 530am, nice and early but just how I like it. With a slight chill in the air and the sun only just breaking the horizon I couldn't quite tell how much colour was in there, the more sunlight that came over the hill and rooftops revealed that the colour was slightly dropping out, just enough visibility to hunt.  Obviously with work only a couple of hours away there wasn't much time available, armed with my trusty 9ft Outkast stalking rod (2-1/4lb) and my polaroid's it was time to find some fish, whether it be Bream or Carp. With plenty of hours already done walking the towpath and not a lot seen it was almost as if Christmas came early when I spotted a chunky Common in pristine winter condition, I was even more surprised ten minutes later when I had overcome it and had it resting in the net, Nice One

Golden Orfe, A New PB.

 Throughout the past week at work all I could think about was fishing, even during the close season on the rivers my desire to get out fishing just doesn't abate. But go out where?, that was the most challenging part of it, everywhere seems to be still in a state hibernation, Tench are not feeding avidly enough yet to target although this season they're not on my mind, the Rudd however are but again they seem to be feeding occasionally, once we get some decent overnight temperatures and the days get longer then I suspect things will improve rapidly, but time is running out, my up coming travelling in Asia is fast approaching and by the time I come back the rivers will be almost ready to open.  I have done a fair amount of legwork already in search of Rudd waters: Canals, Lakes, Reservoirs and Drains have already seen my footprints. Just with the hope of tripping up on a hidden gem, in angling these days what with the internet and social media secrets are seldom secrets for

In Search of Golden Surprises.

 This spring I have set my sights on one of my favourite species, the Rudd. Everything about them is impressive and I really want to find a source closer to home where a chance of a 3lb specimen is possible, information on the species whereabouts is very limited, so with little info myself and another keen Rudd angler have made it our aim to locate and catch some off the beaten track with the hope of striking gold.  Arriving a little later than I planned I got straight to walking the miles of drain networks, the weather was perfect for a lovely walk in the countryside and the fishing was good to start with as a couple of Carp showing under some far bank vegetation, five minutes of angling into position and the small piece of flake vanished, on Rudd gear which comprised of a 1-1/4lb test curve rod and 5lb line was pushing it but I've always been of the opinion that if you play it properly and providing it's not snaggy there should be no reason to lose what's on the other