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Got a Riddle Here.....PB Crucian (Take Two)

 So the riddle is, an angler goes fishing, fishes two rods, baited and ready for action, fished exactly how I'd like with barely a sniff of action all day, infact not one run but still lands a personal best Crucian?  At 3lb 8oz here she in all the glory possible, immaculate, just like her captor :) Matching haircuts too, it was fate!  Well the answer is quite amusing, all day partner in crime Brian hadn't needed the toilet, after all those hours you'd have thought it wasn't going to matter that he'd leave his rods for me to watch over, you know where this is going now! No sooner did he turn down the path for a piss his margin rod "one tonered" and I gingerly hobbled around to his swim next door and lifted into a good fish, that being the fish above. Well don't mind if I do help myself to a new PB, after all my effort I didn't even need to bring any gear, oh well, maybe I'll christen my new Korum 1.5's another time.  Cheer

Barbel on Bread, Wally With a Rod.

 Have you ever fished a swim that you really think you should never have?, whether it be dangerous or simply not the cleverest thing to have challenged. Well that happened on my last outing which was in search of Roach to start but their lack of showing made me change my target species to something a little more bullish, namely Chub and Barbel. Now I was only using a light trotting rod, Sheffield pin with 5lb straight through and a 4BB wire stem. With only the Roach in mind to start with I only had bread but I know that wouldn't mean I'd blank for my new target, if anything bread can out fish any other bait, meat included when it comes to Barbel and Chub.  Having left the areas where I typically target Roach down to the more trickier stretches I donned my cap and glasses holding out some hope I could find a fish or two amongst the thick weed, this season the weed growth has been incredible, never before have I seen so much, plus I'm also seeing it crop up in places wher

PB Crucian, A 20 Year Journey.

 For many years I had a personal best of 3lb 1oz which was caught on a little council run park lake, many great years fishing for various species made for some great times, one species that I dearly wanted to beat was the Crucian Carp best which I caught back in 1998, aged just 11 at the time. My father was instilling everything into myself and my two younger brothers from a young age, how to treat fish, how to correctly weigh and recover etc, so it's probably no surprise that my fishing is predominantly specimen hunting as I feel the desire to improve all the time.  Unfortunately genuine Crucian Carp stocks are slim but luckily for me I have Enton and Marsh farm not 35mins drive from my front door, convenient for after work outings I made a few plans, first one was last Sunday, weather was atrocious but after 7 hours of tinkering and cast after cast I got that all important run, not even the huge patch of pads could prevent me from achieving a long standing target, within two

Fleeting Summers.

 Far too many plans and far too little time to indulge in them all, dreaming of spring mornings with the Tench bubbling uncontrollably and Carp sifting the surface for whatever they can find. All sounds great and so often it is, the balance of working as self employed electrician, fiancee and everything that else that goes with it makes time fairly tight, some of the dreams in the Spring did come to fruition and as the summer wore on I continued to get amongst some fantastic fish of various different species. Some of which will remain a target as the season meanders to its close next March.  Plenty of these sessions have been extremely enjoyable with some not so for one reason or another (usually atrocious weather when dressed for something a little akin to the summer)"when will I learn". My Spring started off with a variety of fish, most of which were lake dwellers as the rivers remained closed for all coarse species (although Brown Trout are fair "game"). Gold

Failure? Nope, Not a Chance.

 Another day spare and another day spent hunting down my Chub target. I felt confident that I would get a chance as the conditions weren't to be too bad for some stalking, I spent the morning chatting with fellow anglers and searching the water for holding fish with an eye on the evening as I know it's often the best time when the day has been hot and certainly was, by 3pm it was 27c which isn't pleasant in the long grass, in jeans, boots and a top to prevent the nettles stinging me to within an inch of my life!  Many hours passed with nothing to show for all the miles covered but none of it is in vain as it all helps with the mental picture I'll need when it's in the fields and chocolate brown!, I didn't actually have a proper cast until possibly 4pm which seems crazy, drive all that way just to chat and walk miles of river, but thats how one learns fast, I still got five hours behind the rod, not that it made much of a difference as my tips didn't move