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It's Been a Tough Spring.

  I can almost count the amount of fish caught this closed season on two hands its been that tough, I hoped with more stable and favourable Tench weather that I'd really get amongst them in the numbers that I'm used to.  To begin with things were slow going and considering the bottom was being ripped up in sections of the lake I was expecting action fairly quickly, unfortunately this didn't happen right away and had to wait a good a hour or two before the first Tinca slipped up. A good solid fight as usual ensued, with most of it under the rod tip I was always within touching distance. Once its resolve was broken I slipped a lovely mint conditioned Tench into the net. A pleasing 6lb 3oz on the scales and what I hoped to be the beginning of a catching spell. Also when netting that Tench a Smooth/Common Newt was in the folds of my net, rolled up in the clay!  But, much befitting for the last 3 months of fishing I only got the odd knock and a couple of missed bites on the floa