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One Last Outing

Due to a change in plans I managed to escape out this morning to get one last session in before I go for my summer break, after a 5am start I managed to catch 7 Roach to 9oz, 3 Dace to 7oz, 5 Minnows, 9 Chub to 4lb 1oz, 2 Perch to 4oz and a brilliant fight off of a 8lb 6oz Barbel whilst stick float fishing on the white maggots and caster which certainly provided a quality fight a different class compared to the rest of the species captured today, but after a very enjoyable morning it was home time to complete my packing. One of my trotting stretches looking upstream. A long 8lb 6oz Barbel. Back to it's watery home.

July 2012 Barbel stats.

05.07.2012 7lb 6oz, 6lb 4oz 07.07.2012 4lb 10oz, 6lb 5oz 19.07.2012 9lb 3oz, 5lb 10oz 20.07.2012 Blank 22.07.2012 8lbs 6oz 25.07.2012 6lb 12oz, 6lb 9oz, 5lb 8oz, 3lb 1oz Total weight of Barbel caught in July was at 69lb 12oz.

The Best Laid Plans

My last week at work before I fly out to sunnier climes I had one last trip planned in search of a double figure Barbel that I'm due, with the build up of anticipation over the last couple of days and the break in the relentless rain it all seemed to be falling into place but with one telling difference, the fish had other plans. This was my lovely and very Barbel looking swim, a bit choked by ribbon weed but it wasn't too much of a problem, but unfortunately even with a few droppers of hemp and a couple of freebie pellets put out it still didn't persuade the fish to feed until the sun fell out of the sky, with my first take being a typical Chub wrap with nothing on the end, next cast out same thing happened and this time the culprit was hooked but it turned out to be a short and fat Chub about 1lb 8oz, not what I came out for but at least it was a fish. After that Chub everything went dead again until about 10pm when I had a proper Barbel take which pulled the rod

Up Early.....again

 Owing to work my visits to the riverbank have been extremely limited hence the lack of posts this month and over the last couple of days I have been itching to get back out so last night I decided to get out early and at 4am my alarming sounded for it was time to try target my favourite species, the Barbel.  After a quick journey down to the river I quickly realised how low and clear the river was and most of the ribbon weed was just laying on the surface that would normally be underwater by around a foot or so, so with the lack of water flowing through the task of catching a Barbel was going to be very difficult but with the aide of my Polaroid glasses that are like x-ray glasses they can't hide for long, with around 2 hours of roving in and out of swims I had found a couple shoals of Barbel and Chub with some Carp as well but unfortunately were not interested in feeding so it was a case of leaving them shoals and locate pockets of fish that wanted to feed which I did eventual

Some recent captures

A trio summer Barbel caught over the week. 6lb 4oz 7lb 6oz Also I did lose a big Barbel that estimated to be between 11lb - 12lb which could have possibly been a new personal best but it had other ideas and shunned me on a bank of weed and the hook fell out. 6lb 5oz (in the pouring rain) I did also spot a Perch of a pound and a half minimum whilst landing a small Barbel of 4lb 10oz this morning.

June 2012 Barbel stats.

16.06.2012 2lb 7oz 17.06.2012 5lb 2oz 23.06.2012 8lb 1oz, 4lb 4oz, 8lb 3oz, 5lb 11oz 24.06.2012 2lb 14oz 25.06.2012 Blank 26.06.2012 3lb 10oz, 4lb 4oz 29.06.2012 7lb 13oz 30.06.2012 6lb 10oz, 6lb 2oz, 6lb 7oz, 4lb 2oz Total weight of Barbel caught between June 16th-June 30th was at 75lb 8oz.

Operation Redfin

 Having the day before only with a short period of time available I decided to make a whole day of it and make an attempt at catching a pound plus Roach or Rudd.  So I was up and at my destination by 7am and after walking just a short distance up river which happened to be extremely low on water and gin clear I spotted a shoal of Roach up to about 2lb on the gravels, just what I was hoping to see but as I was going to find out quite quickly was that the Roach were not willing to feed and after an hour or so of watching them charging around the pool following each other past my bait time and time again I decided it was time to move and come back later.  After that disappointment earlier I did have a back up plan that consisted of another shoal of Roach that frequent another spot about 500m upstream and when I crept into the swim I noticed a massive group of Chub there with just 1 or 2 Roach and Rudd amongst them and as we all know what will grab the bait first so I left the swim al