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Breaking the Hoodoo.

 The Perch, is arguably my bogey species, but I guess we all have to have one. I just wish I didn't suck at it so bad. I see photos and hear of amazing catches of soldiers, a few of which have come out to friends of mine who have given me nuggets of information, nuggets that haven't materialised in my favour. Yet.  Today was my second trip out of the season in search of Perch and decided with the rivers largely out of action, a stillwater would be my best shout of success.  Conditions as I made the drive northwards looked perfect for perch, however the forecast was to completely change throughout the morning with low overcast skies giving way to bright sunlight, along with a strengthening of wind from the east that made fishing uncomfortable.   Very bright actually, so much so that fairly early on I consigned myself to a blank before even casting a bait, luckily for me I dropped on to a peg that had fish in, within an hour I had four bites, hooking two of them. With

A Carpy Post.

 With my sights set firmly on Carp next year it prompted me to have a look through a collection of photos that have been accrued over many years. For a large portion of that time physical images of past captures were lost, but with the rise of digital media it is almost impossible to lose such images and thankfully so!  Yes all those captures will live in the memory for many years, however having the ability to scan over so many images just makes you remember so much more, some that have been marginalised by other catches, but by no means not worth remembering. My back ruled me out of action for half of this year but just before that happened I was slipping into my groove on the carp front and catching some corkers, some of which were from very tough venues, venues that many seldom catch from, regardless of approach/tactics employed.  For me, right place and right time coupled with a persistence I've not felt for quite a few years and that includes my more recent ventures int

Winter Piking & Low Pressure Challenges.

 With the arrival of Storm Atiyah banging on the door the pressure dropped right out and midweek we were sat nicely around 1005mb -1010mb and fishing for Pike would have been easier than embarking on a trip in 990mb-995mb as with most species they tend to head for the bottom.  Without having the opportunity to go sooner my only chance was on Sunday, I take what I can these days and with christmas approaching rapidly my fishing time will be reigned in furthermore. With a couple of baits knocking about I hopped in the car before sunrise and set about targeting a Pike before the storm really took hold.  Running low on terminal tackle for predators I spent the other evening splashing the cash on various trace making stuff on the internet. Thankfully I had a few little bits left, just enough to make two traces. After a couple of hours driving my destination was finally in sight, the river unfortunately was shrouded in a fierce chop as the wind buffeted the open and fairly flat land

45 Minutes....Two Barbel Please.

 Who needs all day to catch Barbel? not me! Six clients seen by two something and my last at 4pm prompted me to fill the void, but with what? There was only one thing for it, a spot of Barbel fishing!  With my stalking gear in the van I marched down the river to find the second best maestro of chalkstream Barbel angling, because without  Brian  I had no bait, camera, terminal tackle barring a hook and 1x AAA shot and most importantly no net and yes I know many who tread these banks don't own one, but I actually give a crap!  Having met up with Brian he mentioned that he had found some feeding Barbel and I cheekily asked him to lead me there so I could plunder the stocks and within four passes through I did just that.  The first was this 6lb 10oz fighting fit winter Barbus and the second individual was around the 3-4lb mark which went back swiftly. What a far cry winter releasing is to the summer, these fish were ready to go immediately where as in the summer most spend 5-10