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Mini Torpedo's.

 Just a quick session on Saturday morning resulted in my first Barbel for a month or so, although this was only my fourth trip out in search of these steely fighters it has been nice to be targeting a number of different species and catching a Barbel today may have re-ignited my desire to catch a few more, the little guy today was caught on my standard tactics of rolling using a cane rod on the pin.  This youngster weighed between 4 to 4.8 and put up a great little fight and I did have the chance to hook one around 9lb and another between 8lb and 9lb which unfortunately was too clever as it hit my bait to test it's validity, but I feel very confident that any trips I embark on soon will throw up some fish, between that and some Thames Perch in the evenings this will probably make up my next weeks fishing.  Look out in this weeks "Angler's Mail" for a couple of recent captures, available in shops from Tuesday.  ......Be Lucky!

Baby Pike.

 Before last September Pike were a somewhat unknown species of fish to me, having only caught a few in all my years of fishing I felt last season I had to give them a go and I was pleasantly surprised by the enjoyment that the Pike fishing provided, so much so that this winter I will be hopefully picking up where I left off, but it won't only be Pike but it will be predators in general, a little bit of attention and I've already improved my Pike PB to 19.5 and my Perch PB 2.13. Spirited jack. Another little monster. Plenty of these, the Pike love them.  So yesterday I headed off out for Pike and maybe a rogue Perch, this is all practice for my trip up to the Wye next month and I did get quite a few runs as the Jack Pike were running riot, 3 little Pike caught on the sprats and 2 also caught when I was dabbling in a bit of trotting and the 2-5oz Roach were getting grabbed by the hungry Esox, these ranged from 2lb up to around 13-15lb and although I m

River Avon ( Britford Fishery ).

 This post is a catch up from a session I embarked on with my younger brother Richard, we both made the trip to Salisbury with the view of both catching our very first Grayling, a species that has long been on my most wanted list but never really made the effort to catch one, so needless to say that time had come.  Having walked from the train station, we met up with Stuart ( Balliff ), who put us on some fantastic looking spots for Grayling and knowing the Avon fairly well I knew other species would also be caught over the course of the day, I hadn't really set myself a Grayling target for the day I just wanted to catch one, after 2 trots I had already achieved my target, a pristine "Lady of the Stream", of around 5ozs, I was so happy and with it being such a diminutive fish it embodied something I have long wanted to catch, if you have never caught a Grayling then it's hard to describe just how fantastic they look, also nothing prepares you for how strong and sq

Catching Carp Part Three.

 The next couple of posts aren't in chronological order but as I left off with Carp I might as well carry on with them. This evening I had a go on one of my ticket stillwater's and I was joined by my father for a walk and maybe an opportunistic cast to a Carp, normally when I say opportunistic it means I probably wasn't leaving without having a cast at one or two. With all the recent rain the weed has died back massively and the water has coloured up, usually when this happens they get their heads down and start digging for whatever they can find, for 20 minutes we both had a slow wander looking in all the little bays and lily pads looking for tell-tale signs of Carp.  None were found until we got to a sunken tree just off of a marginal shelf when I noticed a nice Common hoovering up weed and small invertebrate, armed with a very delicate set-up and a stout 9ft rod backed up by 10lb line so if it were to make off for cover I could persuade it not to, cue the

Catching Carp Part Two.

 It's mid August already and a chill in the air is already apparent at dawn, the last few morning's the weather has been pretty bad with the passing of the reminisce of hurricane Bertha, last night I had a quick looksy at the predicted weather for this morning and things looked a lot more settled so with that knowledge I set my alarm for 5am and packed the gear by the front door. Autumn already settling in?  Carp were my target and I have done okay recently, one of the Carp caught being a twenty pounder is always a good feeling so I set out looking for more of the same and with all the rain over the last couple of days I assume the water temp has dropped a couple of degree's, because when I arrived at my first port of call the bottom was like a jacuzzi and large patches of black separated the large expanse of water as they sifted through the silt, so it was obvious where I would aim my casts but Carp fishing is seldom easy and this was certainly one of those days, w

Catching Carp Part One.

 The past week or so after work I have been after Carp and when I've been off I have patrolled a couple of local pools around dusk to try and find out where they may be held up, leaving myself with about an hour to spare each evening I began to build up a picture of usual spots where the Carp frequent and also what they were feeding on, as the weather has cooled recently the Carp come off the Daphenia and have now dropped down in the water and now ploughing through the bloodworm on the bottom, this gave me a much better chance of getting them to feed on baits like bread and worms.  So after a couple of pilot runs I tackled up with a 9ft Greys Outkast Carp rod 2 1/2tc, with 8lb line attached a crow quill float and a couple of dropper shot, baited with a generous piece of bread flake on a size 10 barbless.  On my first trip I was accompanied by my Dad who fancied a wander around and ended up being my ghillie just before we were due to pack up when a Carp tore off with me in tow

Summer Crucian's

 My trips after Crucian Carp over the last couple of season's have been shall we say okay at best, although I have caught a couple of Cru's in the last couple of years to 1lb 13oz, there seems to be an air of unfinished business in regards to the Crucian fishing so on Sunday I decided on breaking the cycle of targeting big Bream and head down to Milford for some summer Crucian Carp, well at least be there with a slim chance of getting close to one.  I tackled up very lightly and scaled down so I could see even the smallest of touches and that is where I may catch the fish as opposed to not seeing any movement and totally missing the opportunity, I spent my time at Marsh Farm on Harris lake, it was a lovely day to sit out fishing as it was slow going for long spells but I was continuing with my tan, so it wasn't all bad I suppose. Firstly I used maggots but all I got was a shed-load of small Roach and Perch, these weren't what I was after so a change of bait was call

Totally off topic ( Items for sale )

 I have a few items up for sale as I'm preparing to move.  The items up for sale are 2x LG TV's one a brand new 47" la660v and the other a 37" ld450 which is roughly 3 years old but in great condition, 1x Samsung z320 home theatre kit 1000w 5.1 surround, these items are available to purchase at any time, cash in hand for local delivery or paypal for longer distance purchasers with delivery to be arranged. 47" TV priced at £550 37" TV priced at £150 Samsung HTK priced at £80 Any questions please contact me on 07535720134 or leave a comment on this post at the bottom and I will duly get back to you with an answer.