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Fluff Chucking 2021

   Last year with the full nationwide lockdown I didn't get my 2020 instalment of what is now something of a once a spring trip. I always have immense fun with the fly rod, however most other disciplines take president and find myself neglecting it after a trip or two. So with our freedoms re-instated to an extent I decided this afternoon to pop out for a couple of hours to one of my old haunts. A wonderful section of urban chalkstream. A typical run on this majestic little river.  The target of course was Brown Trout and having been snowed on in the morning ( maybe 2inches ) the sun was beaming and made for a pleasant afternoon, armed with the polaroids I set out to catch me a fish!  My fly of choice was hotly contested but fell back on this ( I don't know the name of the pattern ) but was devastating on the slow retrieve. Watching Trout queue up behind the fly as I worked it through the upper layers was a great sight, I could have had more than my impressive tally of 11 Brown

Adder Time!

   Sadly I have barely mustered a cast since the end of the season and with not much time to hand of late I have found myself planning trips when the weather warms up, so with that I thought I'd set a slightly different target. Last spring I got into Lepidopterology as I noticed a couple of different species flying past that I'd never taken any notice of before hand knew very little of them.   By the end of the butterfly season in early October I had successfully documented 47 species and photographed 45 of them, quite an achievement which was wholly driven by my thirst for completeness. Now I know I'm short by 14 species ( to photograph ) but accepted that given the whole lockdown/covid-19 scenario I think I made a great go of it.  This spring however I have factored in something a little different and that being reptiles, one that escaped me last year was the Adder, but after a bit of research and luck I soon put that to bed with over a dozen individuals spotted amongst t