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Trout on the Fly Part Four.

 Today was the fifth time I've been out Trout fishing and it is getting more and more enjoyable every time I go and the weather was perfect for some fly chucking so here is how the day's fishing went.  A nice Brown Trout of ( 1.8 ), a good hard scrap off another muscular spotty.  This is probably one of the most strangely shaped fish I've ever seen, what are your weirdest catches? It was one very chunky Brownie of about 12ozs, it was certainly a weird looking fish but fighting fit. This stunning Brown Trout of 3lb 7oz, a proper fish and a 2nd big fish in two trips. A fantastic and pristine fish. A storm was quickly brewing though, time to push on.  But the session then took on an unexpected twist as the Trout made way for an array of silver fish.  A batch of 11 Dace and another 3 Trout plus a surprise Rudd of 11oz.   The Dace averaged about 5ozs and the largest was weighed at 7ozs, never had Dace on t

Trout on the Fly Part Three.

 The last few weeks since the 1st of April I have managed to get out once a week in search of Trout and with these trips I have had a couple of things in mind, one of which is to further improve my casting and secondly to try and catch a Brownie that will challenge my PB of 6lb 6oz, which although seems a tall order I believe is very slightly possible, but unless you try you never know, after Saturday and the last minute arrival of a Crucian at Marsh Farm I was in a bouyant mood and felt that if I had got my presentation and selection right I may do better than I have during my previous visits this month.  The last few days have bought quiet a bit of rain and when I reached the river it was still showing signs of colour and extra water but you can always fish the shallower runs that are usually gin clear whatever the conditions, recently though I have seen a hand-full of large Trout between 3-5lb, so finding one of those was my aim but they were much further down the beat, the p

A Bar of Gold.

 The title is almost a dead give away as to what species that I targeted on Saturday and after Brian's amazing bag last Saturday he couldn't say no to another trip down to Marsh Farm Fishery, so we were both up bright and early, by half 8 we were all set, both of our tactics were to float fish and mine wasn't dotted and fished the float on the lift and it worked very well but most of which weren't my target species.  After some fairly cold nights recently and a very keen easterly wind the fish of all species weren't feeding very hard and it didn't really start to improve until around midday, it improved then massively, with a quick succession of Bream, Gudgeon, Roach, Rudd and a couple of Tench, this was then much the same throughout the day but I still couldn't find a Crucian, I was getting the bites off of the Cru's and did lose two both of which were roughly 12oz with the hook popping out as they hit the surface, neither of them were big but I

Trout on the Fly Part Two.

 A quick post for a short session this morning in search of some more Trout on the fly, the weather today was perfect for fishing and sunbathing it has to be said but that wasn't on the agenda although I'm partial to a bit of lazing about in the sun home or abroad, the Trout were my target for the morning and within 2 casts out I was into a nice Brownie on the retrieve, I was testing out some new tippet ( 3lb ) breaking strain and it did quiet good but the test of time will no doubt be the ultimate one, the Trout was of an average stamp at 1lb 8oz and fought very well as they always do. Just one of the weirs that the Trout have to traverse. 1.8 On it's way back to the watery home.  After a couple of failed attempts to set a hook in two more rises I managed another Trout of around 8ozs roughly an hour later but the fish weren't really showing themselves as they do normally but after Stu joined me on the riverbank we did see around half-a-dozen more Trout

Trout on the Fly Part One.

 Trout fishing on the fly, a very interesting way of fishing and something I want to expand on and maybe head out to a reservoir or lake in search of some larger specimens, on the outskirts of London there are a few places which fit that description and will be certainly visited but on Saturday I only had a few hours available, so I tackled up and headed down to the river in search of Brownie. Typical pool's, perfect Trout habitat.  I caught one last week but could have had more but the Trout only followed, I thought through the reasons as to why, whether it was fly selection, retrieve speed, depth of where the fly was fished or and most importantly whether the Trout actually feeding, yesterday though I seemed to have got it all right, with a Brownie caught on my second cast, albeit around 6oz but perfectly marked. Pristine condition little Brownie.  Within 20 minutes I had a second on and it was certainly bigger, a proper scrap on such light gear, I love it when th