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February 2012 Barbel stats.

24.02.2012 11lbs 12oz 27.02.2012 7lbs 8oz, 4lbs 2oz, 10lbs 6oz, 6lbs 5oz Total = 40lbs 1oz.

Short afternoon session

 So I'm back down the river for another go after my amazing trip up here last friday and wanted to see if the Barbel were still about as the warm weather continues to hang around, so today's plan was to do my usual roving beat whilst using my centerpin and light match rod for the ultimate pleasure of playing a Barbel.  I set up and got into position and organised myself, set up the camera on the tripod and unpacked the scales as i had a feeling today was going to be pretty busy, if I got it right of course!. But after about 8 trotts and no knocks or follows I was'nt feeling confident, so I sat down and flicked a couple free offerings in and waited for them to settle and watch the Barbel and Chub nose the baits and back off, these fish seemed very wary and that was making my task today a bit more difficult so I had to try and work out what the best action was to take so I threw a few more offerings out and sat for about 15 minutes while the fish gained confidence. So ha

A specimen hunted

 Over the last couple of nights I've had decided that i have to get back on the river before the season end's and my withdrawal symptoms start to kick in, 3 months of no fishing on the river is not what i call a holiday. But the fish do need a break and try to re-populate as well.  Last night I decided i was going to go for a very early session this morning before work, the sun was bearly lighting up the sky by the time I was set up and ready for my first cast, my favourite tactic is to walk a chosen beat armed with my Polaroid glasses and search the water for any Barbel that may be loitering around but no such luck for about 3 hours and my only reward was a pristine Chub of about 2 and half pound, which fell to trotted meat as per usual.  So with time ebbing away i'd kept moving on up river to a nice pool that has a deep run in the middle and normally thats where the Barbel hold up if there around and appearing out of practically nowhere 2 Barbel, (1st about 4lb and t

Chub Fishing

  After some very cold weather the fish seem to have taken a break from playing my game, with a couple of mild days and with the river warming up a couple of degree's i thought the fish should be feeding a little bit better and my target today was some Chub preferably a 5 lb + one would be nice.   So after travelling an hour to a nice spot on the river set up my trotting rod with my centre-pin and hoped to get some action as this swim looks so good.                                                   Mmm very fishy looking  So the tactic as always with the Chub is a nice avon spigot 6BB with a size 16 hook and a variety of baits trotted through there hide-out and first chuck and into a nice big Chub already, definately over 4lbs with that safely in the keepnet, took a few casts to get another bite and then had an almighty fight on the light gear, so much fun and yet another 4lb + Chub, seemed like the shoal were of a decent size so after putting that in the keepnet as well,

Trout session

 After a long week off of the bank, I was itching to get my tackle together and have a go, change of  scenery and a change of target species, so yesterday i went for some Brown Trout.  With the snow over the last couple of days the river was up and very coloured due to the melt water but in the shallower water the Trout were feeding really well and had 2 small ones around 3-4ozs each and after a short walk down river did manage to get one that gave a good account of itself, which was very nicely marked, which weighed just over a pound, after that i did get another small Trout and then the Gudgeon moved in and after catching 16 of them, I moved off down river.                                                                               A nice little Brownie  So after searching out a couple of good looking Barbel hide-outs for a later date, I noticed a patch of bubbles out in the middle of the river so with a trusty piece of hovis i cast out and within a minute the float slid

January 2012 Barbel stats.

02.01.2012 9lbs 2oz 20.01.2012 6lbs 2oz 23.01.2012 7lbs 3oz Total = 22lbs 7oz.