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Angling Limbo.

 It's been a while now since I keyboard bashed another post out, with a combination of steady flowing work and changeable weather putting most of my sessions on the back burner, this time of the year always seems to be slightly on the lean side in regards to fishing but when the time came I managed a couple of short sessions and a day back on the Marsh Farm in search of a Crucian Carp.  First of all was the trip to Marsh Farm and the target was an early season Cru' to get me started on what maybe that I get to break my long standing PB for the species and what better to place to do it, I have found this fishery very tough as I suspect most anglers do these days, gone are the days here when you turn up and catch a "3", but to put myself in with a shout of banking a 3lb specimen I set myself in my usual peg on Harris lake and slowly built a swim up to try and attract the finicky blighters.  Hours passed.....  And a couple more passed with very little action, oh

Gobio Minimus.

 Owing to a busy weekend my angling opportunities were limited to about an hour so I ventured off to a small venue close to home and targeted the hoards of Gudgeon that are present, plenty of them here but I've never managed one over 1.5oz. Fishing a 0.6gr pole float and a size 20 hook I was able to present the bait as perfect as is possible which is almost Crucian fishing and some bites were as finicky as the aforementioned - with others in stark contrast taring the float under as to assume a big Carp stormed off with my single red maggot, it was fun even if the largest weighed at a measly 7dr!.  After an hour of fishing and battling the wind I finished up with 20 averaging the grand weight of 5dr, but you never know what might come along and pull your string. Fine condition but needs miracle grow.

Never Expected That !

 After a bumper long weekend of fishing it's back to normal and knocking out the work, as the temperature improves a few more fisheries that I dangle a line will start to come good for various species, today we were basking in lovely spring sunshine and whilst at work an urge to go fishing was playing on my mind, unsure of what I was going to do later on I kept an open mind.  When I had decided to go fishing for an hour or so I targeted the Tench and Perch with worms, a light setup in conjunction with a fairly responsive float so even the smallest of tweaks would show, after a wander around in the hope of seeing fish I plotted up in a nice little bay but unfortunately I didn't see anything so I one cast to check out depth and the second was plummed perfectly and awaited any inquiries, about 30 seconds and the float lifted and then shot under and I was connected to a good fish, nearly half a minute passed before I saw the fish and then there it was.......a monster Perch that

Tiny Tinca Fishing.

 It's Spring at last, Tench and Crucian time has finally arrived, some would argue slightly to early to target the latter but for the 4 days leading up to bank holiday Monday I was sat firmly on my hands but by Monday I couldn't overcome my impatience and got an itchy arse, I boarded the train to Surrey and went hunting for both but Tench were my priority as the water is still a little chilly as are the evenings for Cru's.  I wanted to challenge myself to catch a decent Tinca which this time of year isn't easy, so built a swim on Harris lake and awaited for about an hour and a half for my first knock......the float lifted and I was in, on 3lb line I played what felt like a Tench for a couple of minutes and then this little looker posed for piccy in the sun.  For it seemed hours passed by without much other than the occasional bite or lift, it was tough going for sure and the next tiny bite resulted in a lumpy scrap and I admit I was bit of a wreck when a size-a

Back to School.

 This weekend so far has felt like I am back at school, the canals around London offer a massive amount fishing, but is there any fish in them? this is the question I wish to answer so I need to do my homework if I'm to make the grade. First hand it seems like it is going to be an easy task but I know that the GUC and the Regent's have suffered extensively from poaching and poor water quality which has led to thousands of fish perishing over the last couple of decades, I have personally found remains of fish that have been prepared on the bank and probably exactly where they were caught, I am aware of certain sections containing more fish than others and I will be targeting these to build a small picture but will look expand on that as I gain more confidence and this will come as I catch more.  I am fairly lucky as we also have a large selection of disused docks which do hold massive heads of fish, unfortunately the weights tend to top out at a fairly mediocre level b

The Local Cut and First Trout of the Season.

 Having recently visited one of my local cuts and managed a customary blank the drawing board was visited again, I have done a large amount of research on some waters and today I was hoping to quench my thirst for a canal fish this season, my target initially was to spin for some Pike and Perch but after a couple of hours I drew a blank, so I had a bag of made up ground-bait for the Bream and Skimmers, with this in mind I found a couple of likely looking swims and laid out a decent bed of crumb whilst fishing bread punch over the top.  In theory this was probably my best approach and I honestly thought it would work but in typical fashion I contrived to draw a big fat blank, I set-up in two other swims as well but the same outcome followed, starting to wonder what I am doing wrong because I'm sure fish do frequent the areas I was attempting but maybe the fish are still shoaled up as the water hasn't yet warmed up, I may leave it for a few weeks and the re-visit will be