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Three in a Bed.

 After a fairly disappointing trip to the Hampshire Avon on Wednesday I planned a trip out to get a Barbel, today I was joined by Stu Woods for a days roving, the conditions were perfect and even had a few hours of sunshine, I packed very light and a half tin of meat, my cane rod and centrepin. A good day out was all set.  It didn't take long either to get a fish, I set up just as Stu was reaching me and hadn't cast yet, my first couple of casts were really on the money and I kind of thought that something would materialize but nothing, the third cast didn't go where I planned it but I let it go down anyway stream as I bounced the bait along the bottom it stopped and got an ever-so-slight tap on the finger not a take of any description but I leant into it as I had a feeling it was a Barbel that had sucked in the bait and I wasn't wrong, the rod bent over double and I was into a very good fish, Stu looked surprised that I had one.  6lb line on the centrepin it was

Avon Piking.

 During the weekend I had a trip to Dorset organised for Wednesday in the vein hope of catching some Pike, with only a shade over 90lb left of my Pike challenge I hoped that I'd locate some and chew into that sizeable weight, I was up and early as usual at just gone 4am and on the Royalty for opening, the sun was just starting to rise and was met by a pair of Owls hunting the flooded plains behind the fishery, in the mean time I tackled up and cast out, the Piles was my first port of call, the river was up about a foot-and-a-half and the Piles offered a big back eddy with a slack against the inside bank where I thought I would find one but nothing doing. Sunrise on the Avon. In flood well and truly. The Piles at dawn.  With the river up the amount of choices were limited even with me donning my thigh waders due to the force of the current, the Pike would be easier to find you would think, if anything it was totally the opposite, although you would expect to find t

Winter Carp & Barbel.

 Saturday mornings session was in search of Pike for my "Challenge 200"' unfortunately the Esox were not playing but there were some more accommodating species available to target and even though the rivers are all still in awful conditions, Chub and Barbel can be caught in less than favourable circumstances, the sort only ducks should be caught out in but no, us more than hardy anglers who brave all manner of weather will get their reward when time is put in. Wet and wild, not for the fair weather anglers's.  My attempt to catch a Pike was aborted and spent the first couple of hours stalking a winter Carp, after a while I succeeded with a 6lb + Common Carp caught on free-line meat, it was by far the smallest in the shoal, but through the ripples created on the surface by the incessant rain I couldn't see which one took it and struck as soon as I felt the line tighten on my fingertip. A little winter Common Carp, feisty and fun.   Later on in the d

Piking Pirate.

 After another busy week at work I had Saturday morning planned out to do some fishing, the rivers are slowly starting to abate and the colour is starting to drop out with the Thames being an exception which is still  the highest I've ever seen it, the plan was as the title suggests, to target a Pike or two in an attempt to get closer to my goal of 200lb of the species, up bright and early for dawn as usual but unfortunately the sun was bright and without a cloud in the sky it wasn't ideal conditions but oh well, best laid plans......  At least it wasn't raining, again. I think we have all had enough of it and even most of the lakes are topped up above their maximum thus flooding acres of land, my plan was to use a selection of spinners and lures to try and catch, the gear was a straight 6ft spinning rod and at first I hooked up my new multiplyer but I couldn't get on with it, patience needed but not today, so luckily enough I packed my usual spinning reel, or the s

About Time Too.

 Well 2014 has started in very slow fashion and I didn't anticipate so little time on the bank, the weather certainly hasn't been the best with most if not all my rivers bursting their banks or just on the brink of overflowing, at work I've been champing at the bit to get a good days fishing in. Finally today was probably the best day it has been since Christmas, the first day of high pressure in a long time so I knew the fish would feed so I wasted no time and was out the house before dawn, Chub on the agenda today.  Winter Chub fishing is always good fun when you can find them, but I hadn't realised last night it rained all night again, I reached the river and the best description I could think of was a raging torrent, it was hand over the eyes stuff and a shake of the head, all I could think of was where can I fish?, 20ft trees passed me through my first swim as I was setting up, it has been one horrible start to the year as I'm sure many of you guys would ag

Reflections on Last Year's Angling.

 First of all Happy New Year to everybody, I know it's belated but better late than never as they say and I have never been known for my punctuality it has to be said anyway.  So, pressing on with the post now, I have gone through the last 12 months of my angling catches and picked out some of the highlights to what was a productive year again, good bye 2013. January:  During January it was mainly dominated by my then unhealthy obsession with Barbel, during the cold weather I caught a number of good Barbel to just under 12lbs and my little brother Chris managed a then PB of 9.11 under my guidance, but the month of January was surely won over by the capture of not just one or two 2lb + Roach but THREE of them in a short winter session with the specimens weighing in at 2.7, 2.3 and 2.2, a truly magnificent feat especially in this day and age off of a river. A stunning barbel at 11.9 Christopher with a 9.11 whisker, his biggest of last season. What a brace, this do