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Out With The New and In With The Old.

 Recently I have acquired a great looking split cane rod and after quite a bit of research I believe it's a Sealey 10ft, 3 piece rod and I've had it since last Saturday, at work all week, itching like mad to get on the river with it, it probably hasn't been used in one maybe two decades, so I wanted to give it a go and I thought the perfect species to go after would be the Chub.  Today's trip for Chub I choose to go to a river I haven't been to in quite a long time and by the looks of things it hasn't seen anyone else, (picture above), it took about half an hour to get to the river, the combination of sun and the occasional rain has allowed the vegetation to explode, with the shrubbery growing to double my height of 6.1, I felt as if I was on jungle trekking expedition.  With the rod set up with my new centre pin that I was also gagging to try out, I cast out with a lump of trotted sausage meat and the bait barely touched the surface of the water when t

Little Piece of Heaven.

 This morning I headed out for a short session in search of Carp, the lake I headed off to doesn't hold any large Carp, maybe running to 15lb tops but they are very well marked fish and the colours are stunning at any time of the year, the lake isn't large but is quite deep towards the middle, but today I just took a small stalking set-up and tracked down some fish, but it wasn't long after I set up at around 5;30am, when the sound of thunder rolling in the distance started to get a little bit louder and more consistent, Lightning is always a concern when your fishing and the concern was increasing as the morning progressed.  But not allowing the potential bad weather affect play I carried on walking around the lake and spotted a few fish bubbling, their identity unknown as they were buried entirely in the dense weed that has consumed some of the water, but in the early morning the lake did look so peaceful and I could just relax and wait for a Carp to come and find me.

Redfin Riot.

 Well not quite but the day as you could probably gather was myself in search of some more red fins, my quest for a river 3lb Roach is my ultimate angling goal, not a target for the faint hearted as it is a target that could quite possibly never be achieved but I'll try everything possible to make it happen all I need is for that one fish, that one chance then it is up to me. But let's leave the world of fiction behind and enter the present world that doesn't involve 3lb Roach although I wish it did, maybe a 2lb Roach today will be great and that is achievable although again not guaranteed.   One of the runs I fished for the Roach, just downstream it widens and deepens.  It was a roasting hot day that without shade would have been quite unconformable, so had to find some shade, my tactic for the afternoon was to use a Drennan stick float 3BB and 3lb line with my trusty 10ft trotting match rod, the ideal Roach fishing tackle, travel light and fish light.  The fi

The One That Got Away.

 On Friday morning I got up early, 4am to be precise and grabbed the Carp stalking gear for a couple of hours fishing before work, owing to the lovely warm weather the Carp are on the feed big time, so my plan was to find out where the scum lines were and if everything went to plan that's where I'd find the Carp.  With only a couple of hours of to spare I didn't have a long time to hunt them down, but I didn't have to wait long and the first few Carp I saw were only small to medium fish up to 15lb or so, not large but great fun on the centre pin, but my efforts were reserved for a lump and after about half an hour, one big Common came from underneath the raft of floating seeds and leaves, sucking everything up it could find but using the centre pin it was proving very difficult to cast to, my range probably gets to around 20 -25 yards and this fish was patrolling a line of debris around 35 yards out, it's huge mouth hoovering everything in sight, oh how I wanted

A Little Off Topic.

 Between my work and my fishing and the other half Lucie, I do also play football for a club, but last Sunday I travelled up to Burton to the St.George's  FA HQ to play a final of a tournament that we have been in since August last year and we finally got the dates released last month, so for nearly four weeks all the team were buzzing, I for one couldn't wait and after a 4 hour coach journey through the English countryside we reached the complex, by now everybody realizing that the time had come, a day for all of us to savour, but after having team photo's and then our coach giving us the formation and team sheet, I was to start in my favoured right wing position, the nerves started to creep up on me but then it was time to get the game face on, the rest was history.  Unfortunately the game didn't go to plan and at half time we were 2-0 down, at half time a few of us vented our frustrations at the way some of the team were playing, we hadn't travelled all th

Summer Carping Part One

 When the sun is out this warm and for the period that it has, it has to be said there isn't many more species better than the Carp to target, as they all start to cruise the surface in search of daphnia and other surface and water born creatures, stalking for Carp is great fun and finding them whilst they are feeding between times that they aren't basking in the sun, location of the fish is key, bait selection is often the good old Pedigree chum mixers soaked for 24 hours to soften them up, to fish for them I prefer to free line but that does have it's limitation especially if they are at range and on some of the lakes I fish, margin fishing for Carp isn't possible.  But I sometimes use a controller float to get my range, the gear of choice I vary between fixed spool reel when I'm fishing at distance and a centre pin when at ranges of 0 - 35yrds as the fight on the pin is brilliant for Carp.  The tactic of a float and the centre pin was deployed and I was joi

It's A Jungle Out There.

 Today's session was supposed to be for reservoir Bream but after having a look at today's weather forecast I thought I'd leave it for another day, just grab my roving gear and head off out to a river to relax in the sunshine.  Any species today was on the agenda as I was having a day off from my challenge that I have set myself ( catch every indigenous species of fish in England ), after a good 6-7 miles of walking I did have a good day but the fishing is still very patchy with a few fish spotted but not many committing themselves and a lot of swims that you'd expect to see or catch in were empty or it seemed the case.  A couple of obligatory Chub ( 3.2 and 4.0 ) came to the net and also my biggest Barbel of the season so far at 8lbs 1oz which had a large frame and could have sworn it looked a 9 but post spawning every single Barbel are currently at bottom weights, so to catch a double now is a good achievement.    Lastly I did have a surprise in the form o

Mixed Bag Part Two.

 Well with Friday's write up done, let's get straight down to Sunday's outing in the lovely sunshine that London basked in, a far cry from the weather we've had recently. Fridays session turned up some quality sized fish and today was no exception.  I was at first to target some of the species I hadn't already caught, like Roach, Perch, Rudd, Bream and Carp, the Roach and Rudd have been very difficult to locate and today unfortunately it was business as usual, for 3 hours I trotted incessantly, changing the depth, the bait, the float and moving shot, everything in the angling manual could not tempt one, swim after swim. But I did catch a couple of other species of fish, a couple of which were not what you call a big fish, but for the species they were very big. This Minnow was enormous, never seen a Minnow this big, a specimen miniature species. Also I did catch a couple of Gudgeon one of which was enormous aswell and weighed anything between 3

Mixed Bag Part One.

 This weekend I decided to have a change in tact and set myself a little challenge for the 2 days I had planned, the weather was suspect on the Friday with showers on and off then prolonged sunshine followed by more rain but the weather on Sunday was beautiful at around 25c, fishing and tanning weather, just the tonic to top up my colour from Cyprus.  The weekends target was to get 10 different species from wherever possible, lakes, rivers and canals.  Friday turned out to be a great day with 6 different species caught, here are the winners.   1st on the list was this fat three-spined Stickleback, one of the largest I've ever caught on rod and line.     Then this amazing specimen of a Brown Trout was banked after a very tough fight on the light tackle, at 4lb 14ozs it is the biggest of the season and absolutely pristine, a truly fine specimen probably the best condition Trout I've ever caught and at nearly 5lb a massive brownie. A typical section of o