Monday 6 May 2024

Breaming of a Slime Fest.


 As the weather begins to warm so does the water and slowly but surely the Bream will come to a point where they will go off and spawn, en mass. I have been hoping that they were going to hold off on the spawning for me to have one last trip out before I turn my attentions to Carp and Eels.

 On Tuesday I ventured out for Bream but drew a blank, my second on the spin. The pit I'm fishing may only be 25 acres in size and 10ft deep but the Bream can very easily be missed and over the last few years I have learned this very quickly. 

 So on Saturday I had a leisurely drive with the view of fishing for the day and night then re-evaluate on Sunday morning (yesterday). In terms of tackle I used my twin-tips duos, 12lb line, 1x fished 12mm robin red on a helicopter setup and the other rod I used a 55g method feeder with a 8mm white scopex wafter boosted with scopex spray. I fed the spot I picked with Hemp, Pellet 2&6mm which was on a raised plateau which was around 7ft and given the warming water thought it may attract a few fish to the area and hopefully pick off some fish.

 The day panned out as I thought it would with nothing but the odd liner but that gave me the confidence fish were in the area and as the sun dipped beyond the yard arm I got my first bite, the bobbin pulled up tight and needed no further invitation, a good fight out at distance had me wondering if it was a real beast with a 16+ my new target having broken my PB with a 15.10 back in April. As she approached the net I could see it was a decent fish, however I knew it wouldn't trouble my PB. 

A chunky female of 13lb 2oz.

 A good start and hoped it would herald the start of a bream fest! 2hrs drifted by as my bobbins were constantly registering line-bites ( opted against back-leads this time around) which kept me focused and as I began to cook my salt 'n' pepper pork belly and Jasmine rice my left hand rod came alive which turned out to be a nice low double slab, the following 5hrs followed a similar theme. 

 The liners came at regular intervals and fish came about one an hour and had numerous aborted takes too where I struck but nothing on the other end. 

The fish were of a good stamp and the weights listed below.

13.02, 11.11, 12.01, 10.10, 11.07 and 12.04

A marked up 12lb 4oz female. 2nd best of the trip.
 Unfortunately, around 4am the bites dried up and more worryingly so did the liners, this suggested to me that the Bream had left the area. Which did make my decision around 8am an easy one, the sun blazed above which did help as it did dry off all my gear that was drenched by the heavy dew. It did not look like I would contact anything else so I packed up and headed home. 

 Six doubles overnight made it a successful trip, just didn't find any leviathans, I'll now have to wait until next March for another shot at a monster.

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