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Wrapping Up On the 2017/18 Season.

 At the beginning of the season which had just finished the "Blogger's challenge" was resurrected for a part two. The previous one I found very interesting and almost forced me, albeit willingly in the end, to target various other species that I typically wouldn't give much attention to if any, that includes watercourses for that matter. My canal PB @ 10.04.  Canal systems where I spend most of my time are unfortunately not what they used to be twenty to forty years ago. However, I found out to my pleasure that they aren't dead and buried entirely. Stocks are low, fish are extremely nomadic but through all of that, a little patience and watercraft paid dividends way beyond my comprehension when first visiting these waters just three years ago. My season actually began at the start of last May, this was to coincide with the bloggers challenge. Obviously with the rivers closed to coarse fishing I stuck to abstracting what I could from the canals and i

Early season Crucian; Live Blog.

 Owing to a quite day at work I thought it might be nice to get out for a few hours. What with the weather being rather pleasant considering what we’ve had to put up with recently, I couldn’t say no.  So it’s 1:30 and so far I haven’t had any enquiries, but with two rods out, one with pop-up fake corn and the other a single buoyant bloodworm, I’m hoping there is something out there with the inclination to feeding. Here’s to hoping.  Oh, just to some minor details; my tackle is a pair of Korum “all-rounder” rods 12ft and the reels are my trusty Shimano Exage 3000fd’s. Both rods are fished in conjunction with 42g flat-bed method feeders with Sonu-baits “Blood Worm” fishmeal mix, which I’m hoping will attract the occasional marauding fish into my area. Touch wood something happens.  Update***  My phone decided to battery dump and shut off, hence no further updates. To be fair I wouldn’t have put much more on as the sport was dead. The wind was favourable but the ditritus coming

My Carp Challenge.

 For the next 6-12 months I have set myself a 100lb target on the carp front, but this isn't as straight forward as it may sound.  Between now and the end of the 2018/19 season I have set out some parameters to which I look to  achieve this target, these are splitting the 100lb into three categories and this is where it gets interesting.  Stillwater Carp target is a 40lb+ specimen.  River Carp target is a 30lb+ specimen.  Canal Carp target is a 30lb+ specimen.  Now I don't doubt for a moment that this will not be easy, but I have had some good fish previously and have quite a few waters earmarked for some campaigns. Whilst the rivers are closed and a large range of my still waters are closed the canal 30lb+ specimen seems to be my first of the three targets.  Here are my current personal bests for the three different watercourses and the ones to beat! Stillwater PB @ 35.08 River PB @ 28.03 Canal PB @ 25.04

Trotting Rocks, End Of.

 Over the years I have not hidden my absolute faith in trotting for barbel and better still the use of bread flake. The use of bread seems to come as a surprise to many anglers I speak to regarding the question as to what are the best baits to use. I look no further than bread on more pressured venues and ones where minnows aren't as prolific, all I know is that bread on its day will out fish any other bait and costs no more than £1, what more could you want?....well, maybe a few of these to make the day complete.  Before work I had a couple of hours on the river (14th March) to target a barbel, my last trip down didn't set the world alight but after an hour my target was achieved, a really plump barbel around the 4lb mark on my old stick.  Eight hours later I arrived back at the river and I didn't look back, hitting the ground running could be a good way to describe the first twenty minutes. It was so manic that my first four trots resulted in three barbel and

Stunner From The River of Dreams.

 I have had a few pike in my time, but nothing prettier than this one, size means absolutely nothing when they look as pristine as this one did, the fight weren't bad either. Show Pike!

Number 29: It's Been a While.

 Specimen Roach, something of a mystery. Finding them can sometimes be fairly easy, catching them a completely different story, so on the odd occasion you know you are fishing the right areas but have no expectation that its going to happen. Hey presto! it does, that was just how it went last week.  After nearly two seasons of not coming close to a 2lb specimen I, at last, got my chance. The location of this catch was something of a leap back in time, as a young man growing up I use to catch awesome bags of Roach with some tipping the scales to the upper 1's and low 2's mark, awesome fishing indeed. So to catch one from only twenty yards upstream of the scene of many a lump bought a feeling of nostalgia. Simply stunning.  Starting from the beginning of the day I set my stall out just to trot a mix of maggots and bread flake with the view of just catching some Chub and Roach, no pressure as I'd already had a great season and simply wanted to enjoy some more bank t

Itchen Grayling Best.

 A week or so ago myself and Brian hot footed it down to the Itchen with Grayling in mind. Our 75 mile trip typically takes around an hour and thirty minutes on a good run, our destination? unknown. The plan was to park up where we could on a part of the river where free access was granted and fish our proverbial tits off. The only issue with that was the snow had already began to melt as we set off into Hampshire, we were certainly up against the clock because once that melt/runoff begins to enter the river it's practically game over.  Knowing we had possibly a couple of hours we decided to get some fish on the scorecard, however, this wasn't an easy task either as trout were posing as a real nuisance, fly boys I apologise in advance, but they were eating everything before the grayling had a chance.  I think I began fishing around 8am and took me nearly 2 hours to get my first grayling to the net. It wasn't the sort of response I was expecting to tell the truth,

Snow Chub Madness.

 Post number 500! where has the time gone.....not a bad post to take 500th spot!  For us "southerners" a decent drop of snow seldom happens, we get a light dusting and that's our lot. Last week that certainly wasn't the case, we finally got something worth whining about, not that I do of course. I'm happy to drive, fish and even been known to lye naked in it, so the -4c forecast did not deter me at all, infact I relished the fact it was going to be challenging. A lovely sight for us southerners!  How challenging? I had no idea. The roads were very bad, no grit down, the snow was compacted on the roads, everyone driving stupidly slow and to make matters worse the numerous crashes made my progress slow. Thankfully a break in the traffic allowed me to get to my chosen venue about 8am.  Deciding on how to target the Chub was also bit of a tough one, fish static and build a swim which the feeding fish would eventually find, trickle bait in little and often,