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River Ivel Double, That's a Wrap!!

   Well, what can I say. As the title above clearly indicates, I have somehow managed to achieve a feat I honestly and truly thought would take me dozens of visits, on just my second outing on to the R.Ivel a double figure Barbel lay in my net. But, let's rewind a little to fill in those blanks.  On the 17th of Sept' I was on the Lea and Nene where I had caught on both rivers, on my way home I did take a detour to the Ivel to have a look around, lamping around with my bright torch I hoped to illuminate shapes on the bottom or amongst the weed, I spent roughly two hours doing this with no joy, having slept very very little I needed to play catch up.   Fast forward two weeks.  Today's trip came as bit of a surprise as we were at Butlin's for the week for my daughters 3rd birthday treat...(where has the time gone) and got back Friday afternoon, Sat' night and Sun' day fishing time became available, so then came the dilemma of where to fish. Then I thought back to m

R.Lea and R.Nene Successes.

   I have to admit, I have wanted to fish the R.Nene for many years but have never made the effort, this 40rivers challenge is going to be a great way of seeing and fishing these rivers that have appeared in certain aspects of my angling life, whether its reading about them, knowing people who fish them or simply passing them on my travels elsewhere.   Before I made it up to Peterborough I stopped off on the R.Lea to try and break my Barbel duck after four attempts between the middle Lea and Fishers Green, its not been easy for Barbel at all. I decided to try a different section and see how I would fare, the answer was pretty good, although it took me over an hour to get in position, no doubts at all that these fish have definitely not been targeted. After my monthly quota of jungle bashing was over the bites came roughly every forty minutes and I opened the account with a 5lb+ fish, fairly typical for the middle/upper reaches. Not the Lea monster I dream of, but great to catch regardl

Preparing for the Unknown.

   In about 3 hours I'll be on my way up north towards Northamptonshire being my final destination to fish a couple of rivers up there, conditions look pretty good if the forecast can be believed, with warm weather, plenty of cloud and a little rain predicted around Sunday it promises to be fairly pleasant. First of all I'll be making my way up to the R.Lea to try and get a double figure Barbel or even a Barbel for that matter, still haven't had one.  Then I make the 64 mile trip from the R.Lea to my first port of call which will be the R.Nene which is completely unknown to me but I am relishing the challenge of finding a Barbel and if I find some then hopefully move on to finding bigger fish, the crystal clear waters should aide me to stalk fish out and then settle down as dusk approaches, only problem with that is that I need to make overnight arrangements as kicking off time is around 2030, with that I'll probably head over to one of two sections on the R.Ivel that I

Kentish Stour, Where are the Barbel?.

   With this river being possibly the closest distance wise to my house that I haven't already done, I set about trying to check the Kentish Stour off the list and get my tenth river double under my belt and achieve my pre-season target, truth be told it was a target that I thought was ambitious, nevertheless I am nearly there and could potentially surpass it with a bit of luck and time.  Last night I decided to beat the rain and give it a few hours through dark. One area I choose to fish a static "Big Squid dumbbell with matching pellets as rolling was impossible owing to dense weed growth, so I setup a standard 12" hooklength and 1.5oz grippa lead into a gravel channel and fed with 4&6mm pellets in a PVA bag, this is a tactic that does work pretty well, however these Barbel don't seem to feed at all!   3 hours without more than a twitch I decided to hot foot it across Kent to another section that I hoped would bare fruit, what with the Great Stour as its also kn