Sunday 2 October 2016

Autumn Barbel: A Different Challenge.

 My quest for a "Seven pound plus" Chub is still very much alive but the distance that has to be travelled to pursue them requires at least a days angling/travelling to make it not necessarily worth while because being out there in pursuit is most exciting but all it takes is a mad 5 minutes to turn my quest on its head, we all know in angling can be as surprising as it can be predictable. But and this is a massive but, the time constraints with work do make this harder, not to mention that big Chub are not the easiest of fish to pursuade.

 The fact that I can't make weekly trips down south for big Chub doesn't mean I can not target big fish, they're closer to home, if I could just locate them, after plenty of work I think I have found that area, extremely overgrown, no sign of civilisation equals no pressure, just the sort of lye up for big Barbel. Short sessions at the moment is all I can afford but already it is paying dividends, catching on my first trip and second is all the assurance I need in my swim selection.

Tentatively watching, although it didn't take long. 
 Having just baited up sporadically for 2 weeks I hoped that they were in the area and to get enquiries within 20 seconds of casting out on the first trip was all I needed to know, from that point on I can enjoy it all knowing I'm on fish, the specimen Barbel will come and upon a visit recently I peered into the upper most swim to witness a lump around the 11-12lbs mark grubbing around, unfortunately I didn't have the gear but when I started to trickle in the bait the Barbel reared up and started eating the pellet as they fell to the bottom, some were barely settling before disappearing, but that was the only fish visible, just the size I want !.

Best of two in two trips at 9lb 6oz.

It took some serious work to get there!

The only way to the river.

 When the next short opportunity comes by I'll be in there straight away with the hope she is waiting for more.

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