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4 Days hard graft!

 Since the season ended most if not all the anglers that frequent the banks all disappear to pastures new or hide the tackle away for 3 months, but over the last couple of weeks I have been walking the banks in search of Barbel and their movements and any other fish ie, Carp, Pike, Chub and the small shoals of Roach and Dace, but also the River is'nt just about fishing or fish, its also about looking after the river and keeping it clean and removing litter, for example scaffolding poles, trolleys, prams, tons of debris (plastic bags, santiary items, gravel sacks, milk crates and carpets), this river is such a gem in the middle of an urban choas yet a minor amount of people treat it with such dis-regard which is a shame for it produces some amazing sport on its day and could only wish that more and more people looked after it.  Over the last week or so, me and a fellow angler Stu and a cameo appearance from the man behind pike blog (Brian), we have been clearing a stretch of rive