My Roach Photo's. Updated Feburary 2016.

 2015-16 Season has been brilliant, not even into the 2016 part and already achieved four Roach over the 2lb Barrier, here they are below in chronological order.

Number 28 and it was the 5th of the season that year.

Number 27: Another stunning representation of a Roach, special fish, I'll never forget it either.
Number 26: My largest of the season so far at 2.10, what a beautiful specimen.
Just missing out on the magic 2lb but made the journey worth it in the poor weather. 1.14.
Number 25: Slightly bigger at 2.05, a fantastic fight off this one in the clear water.
Number 24: A lovely fish so early on at 2.03.
 These are a collection of my most recent of large Roach that have been caught whilst river fishing.

Another stunning Roach of 2.05, a great season for them.

2.1 caught in August on feeder tactics.
1.15 Roach caught in 2012 off a Thames Trib'.
1lb 1oz Roach off of Marsh Farm in 2013, my first 1lb plus Redfin since 2007.
2lb 2oz, chalk stream monster.
3x 2lb Roach....... 2.2, 2.3 & 2.7.
Big, Big, Big Roach.
A cold winters day brightened up by this 2lb 7oz monster.
This was my first 2lb river Roach (2.1) since my 2.15 from Walton-on-Thames.
A brace of 2lb Roach, seldom done these days, a true trophy shot and I have a couple of those.
A lovely bag of pound plus Roach between 1.4 and 1.10.
2.6 a fantastic specimen.
Immaculate 2 lb 6 oz Roach, biggest of 2013.
Another good pound plus Roach.
1.14 & 1.10.
2.1 & 1.15
From 2 lb 1 oz to 1 lb 11 oz, unbelievable catch of Roach.
1.14 & 1.10
My most recent of 2lb Roach caught in March at 2lb 2oz.


  1. As of the beginning of the 2014-15 I started the season of 21 Roach over the magical 2lb mark, 3 from lakes and the remaining 18 from rivers and my personal best of 2.15 was taken on the River Thames at Walton in 2004. One of my Autumn/Winter wishes will be to achieve one of my ultimate angling goals and land a 3lb Roach, for me it is the "Holy Grail" of angling.

  2. Yet another cracking haul, James keep it up. Tight Lines.


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