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Angling For Grayling Part Three.

 It's been a while since my last post, with work very busy at the moment time is hard to come by but over the last week I have been planning a trip out for Grayling with Brian, so with the weather looking good last night we made the plans final and set off at 0540 and hit the M3 with Grayling firmly in our minds, the journey down went by in a flash as we spoke all things fishy and talked up our chances. When we arrived the river looked in fantastic condition and could not wait to get fishing.  Initially I had rigged my 11ft trotting rod with a 3SSG chubber float and aim to find the slightly deeper runs where the fish maybe laying up, my usual baits that I've used on the Test didn't work for the opening couple of hours so a change of tactics and bait started to prove pivotal as bites came more frequently. One of the biggest aims of the day was for Brian to catch a PB Grayling and after an hour or so this was accomplished with a lovely specimen, to view tap here - ( Detai

Angling For Grayling Part Two.

 With Grayling firmly asserted as one of my favourite species already I had to get back out amongst them and the weather conditions seemed to be perfect, joined by Brian for a stab at his first ever Grayling we embarked on a two-and-a-half hour train journey followed by a two mile walk to our intended venue, before yesterday Brian had never caught one so that was the ultimate goal of the day but for the money spent I certainly wanted to bag a few with a new PB in the offing. Sane section of civilization isn't privileged to this sort of scene at 8am - 3 hours from home at -3c, nout better.   Postcard stuff eh! A bad case of the trots....hahaha.  Having been on the Test a couple of times I felt that Brian should get one under his belt first but before we got to Grayling fishing a large Pike swirled at some silvers which was too much for us to both ignore, so a barrage of lures and jigs were aimed in its direction but to no avail, 15 minutes or so of that and w

First Barbel of 2015.

 The beginning of the year has been very busy and combined with the poor weather I have barely managed any time on the banks, this morning though I had a gap in my busy schedule so I ventured out with a rod and sat up in a couple of swims until I was successful in at least getting a knock, when I did get my first of two takes a spirited Barbel of roughly 4lb charged through the battleship grey river before tiring and heading into my awaiting net. The second take of the day unfortunately failed to hook up but I suspect the culprit was a Chub but I will never know, catching in these conditions is always pleasing - regardless of the size. Great fun and somewhat unexpected. My ever-faithful pin, 

Old Tackle.

 I must confess that I do have a massive amount of fishing tackle with most of my tackle is of the modern era but I do have some gear that certainly dates back further than when I was born in the late 80's, but I don't even know how old some of the stuff I have is.  One part is a fascinating looking leather pouch with what looks like animal skin envelopes, it was made by Hardy bros ltd of Alnwick which also has a range of different lines/tippets of various strengths which are labeled - strong, medium, fine and also some points, complete with labels on each individual line, quite impressive I think but not really sure what to do with it, I wouldn't want to use them but selling something like this now maybe very silly. Here are some pics of it and if anybody knows what it may be worth or whether it's rare or not then I would be very interested to hear.

Angling for Grayling.

 Since my trip to the Test last week where I was catching a number of pristine Grayling in fairly dour condition's I really wanted to get back down and experience that squirmy yet very powerful fight, I have enjoyed fishing for them a lot and I think it is down to three things, very limited amount of rivers hold them, secondly the larger ones seem to be difficult to catch thus providing me with a great challenge and lastly the Grayling are stunning creatures.  I had watched the weather constantly and although things didn't look good I still went ahead with the trip as planned, I knew with a whole night of rain that the river would certainly be coloured up and probably slightly higher than last Saturday, when I arrived at a little past dawn this was the case and I know the Grayling like to feed in clear water so it was a case of trying to catch some fish and if the Grayling were to come along then great stuff. Cracking condition Rainbow.  It took quite a while to f

A Very Good 2014.

 2014 was a very good year for me both on the angling front and otherwise, a new job, organizing of the purchase for our first property and planning to marry my partner of 7 and a bit years has kept me busy but I have managed to find a substantial amount of time to go fishing and I think I have done very well with the time that I have had at my disposal and although I just enjoy being at one with nature whilst enjoying the escapism that fishing brings I do also like to catch fish with a few challenges thrown in to make it a little more exciting.  So we start with January, most of my local fisheries were virtually impossible to get to let or lone fish, but when the rivers did recede I did fish for a mixture of Chub, Barbel and Pike. The Barbel were caught to a decent size and a couple of Chub to over 5lb but the Pike weren't feeding probably due to the horrific clarity but managed a lake Esox but only a jack, with even a trip to the Royalty providing a blank. Best fish of