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Canal Slabs, Another Cut PB.

 The "Blogger's Challenge" that started back in May has really given me the impetus to try other water's for I feel I have benefited handsomely through doing this, the chances are there to be taken but I hadn't really targeted them thoroughly enough to assume nothing existed, normally I love to fish miles from the nearest human, but here on what couldn't be called anything other than a sprawling urban landscape there are some lovely fish to be tracked down, I've already caught monster Carp and good size Bream for a canal but there is something else in there worth having if I could only find it.  The application is right and the Zander will surely become unstuck at some point in the near future but the Bream have been at the forefront of my mind for quite sometime and the possibility of a double figure canal Bream has my angling mind working overtime, but can they be located??, the question has been asked before and certainly answered it with a resoundi

Return to the Royalty.

 This last couple of weeks has been pretty tough going, I guess the reason for this is the constantly changing weather, although it has been up and down a few sessions have been made, so a quick catch up before the Royalty part. The Zed float which indicated plenty of bites but nothing on the bank.  A quick Zander session on a local canal was arranged with Brian in the vein hope of locating one, we have very little knowledge of these elusive creatures, so the trip was probably my 5th ever trip for this species, so I can't be expected to have caught loads or expect to catch but I will try starting with the trip last Tuesday. We arrived after both finishing work and arrived at the same which was good timing so we cracked straight on, a lure was whacked out whilst we both fished static and a schooley followed the lure to the surface but failed to commit, it didn't really happen after that so we moved down the canal to a creek where I know silvers do get caught. We dropped

Here, There and Everywhere.

 As this post's title suggest's I have been about like a two-bit brass, but there was a challenge set for each of these foray's with the ultimate outcome not always what I had planned. The little excursion's started off with a trip to a relatively local fishery in search of Tench and Orfe, having a fair bit of knowledge about the venue I offered my Dad a day out, one thing we didn't factor in was the typical English weather and the heavens opened on numerous occasions with which it dumped shed loads of cold rain and killed off the fishing every time they got going again, a wasted journey. Trotting for Stour Chub.  Next up was a trip to the Stour for a blast at their seemingly endless conveyor belt of big Chub, at times it seems like it does 6lb plus every week and although size isn't everything I have always wanted to fish the Throop fishery so whilst being on holiday I decided to give it a try, condition's were okay I suppose for early September

Dawn Raid on the Barbel Front.

 Just a quick catch up on yesterday's session in search of Tench, it was rubbish and that was that, a waste of time and effort as nothing I or my father did could arouse a bite off of any unsuspecting fish, so I forgot that trip in a hurry (angling wise) and woke up pretty early this morning hoping to snare a good Barbel, travelling light as I usually do I set about working the river from the bottom of my first beat and heading up, the river was up and coloured which is just perfect for a Barbel session.  Although I love sight fishing in gin-clear rivers the colour didn't bother me and within 10 minutes my arm was nearly wrenched from it's socket as a strong fish tore off downstream but the fight immediately felt that it would be short-lived as I could feel that the fish had gone through a snag on it's first charge and the line was grating on the snag constantly, with 6lb line straight through I didn't fancy my chances so I leant into the Barbel and gave it some

Large Floodwater Roach.

 A couple of weeks spent on holiday and then a stag do I had a somewhat hectic schedule but having returned from Brussels I'm now into my last week off, this evening the rain was still coming down but I really wanted to get out on the bank.  The conditions for Roach upon arrival were almost perfect, the river was up maybe 1.5ft and was running very cloudy, from what I understand it's rained for a whole week so I wasn't too surprised to find it in flood, with the water running cold I thought it would be hard work to find some feeding fish but the target was a Roach and the larger ones were what I really wanted. At 6pm it was 11c at the end of August, madness that this is supposed to be summer.  To begin with I trotted sweetcorn along a far bank crease at roughly 6ft deep which was slightly overdepth, to overcome the stronger than usual current I bulked a 5AA avon float down to try and keep the bait tight and slow where I thought the Roach may be, it didn't take lon