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Getting Prepared.

  As new season is just a little over 4 months away I am beginning my plans for proper assaults on the country's Barbel stocks as I look to turn the screw on my new challenge.  So far my BAA ticket has arrived giving me access to some pukka sections of river and at £40 for a full membership that enables fishing on reaches of the rivers ; Severn, Anker (albeit very limited), Mease (again, only a small beat), Teme and a section of the Wye. Having done a bit of reading I am quite tempted to start my season on the Severn and if I get lucky quickly I'll move on to the Wye as they aren't too far away from eachother, or the Teme, Thame etc. God the list of rivers to target are endless.  However, rivers closer to home such as the Kentish Stour, Rother, Arun, Medway, Lea ( which I acquired a Fishers Green Consortium ticket for ) provide good fishing whether its a couple of hours after work or a days fishing when I have the time available. Then not to mention other rivers like the Co