Monday, 19 June 2017

Down the Farm.

 Crucians are to say the least not the easiest species to catch, method fishing for them has provided me with good sport in the past but fishing very fine on the float is great fun, in fact it's very satisfying when it comes off. Now, a few days previous I went down with the same mindset but failed miserably on the Crucian front.

 On my most recent visit I decided to change a couple of things around and headed to a part of Harris Lake that I've not fished before, with over 40 pegs it's a fairly decent sized lake and I know it's stuffed with fish, I just can't compute how I haven't managed to really get amongst the "bars of gold" in any meaningful numbers, maybe a slight match background would serve me well on a fishery like Marsh Farm but as I don't it's all crash course and work it out as I go along.

 With my decisions made I set about balling in some 50/50 Sonubaits Greencrush with my pellets (6mm) to build a patch on the outside of some pads, which I anticipated would be shelter to a few fish being that the sunshine was due to hit upwards of 30c and I knew by say 10-11am that it would probably be 24-26c and most humans wouldn't be sat in it.

 My set up was a pre-made Drennan hook length and float setup, and a Greys Prodigy 12ft 1 T/C rod and the bait was 6mm soft hookable pellets (Krill flavour) and once I was happy with my plumbed depth I got my bait into position, within seconds I registered my first bites but they even on light tackle were practically impossible to connect with and I had to just sit on my hands to see if the bites evolved into something that I could strike at.......45 minutes later......

2lb 4oz, first Crucian of the day.
 It simply looked stunning on the mat, due to the heat I just took a mat shot as I didn't have my camera and tripod setup and didn't want to faff around, only issue was that if that was my only Cru'y then I'd miss out on a trophy shot. Thankfully after a couple of Tench decided to go crazy in my swim I did then have a spate of very small dips on the float where only two were hittable but both resulted in Crucian's weighing 2.06 and 2.09 which equalled my best bar of gold for some years!

My best at 2lb 9oz.
  By the time I had got the swim going and started to catch fish the sun was getting higher and was starting to cast strong sunlight across the whole of my swim and I knew that it would be game over for the fishing until the sun moved across the sky so that the pads would be back in shade, unfortunately I would have to wait until dusk for that and I enjoyed the morning session a lot so I called a day after a quick faff around on the little pond for half an hour on my way back.

 9 Tench to 4lb+ and 3 Crucians to 2lb 9oz wasn't bad going I felt, i'll be back but it'll be on Johnson's for their resident monsters!

PB Chub on the Fly.

 For roughly five years now I have adopted a light roving approach for wild Brown Trout on a range of flies, this season has been tough and although I haven't been much over the closed season I thought I'd fair slightly better than I have, I think it could be down to a few factors, some of which I can control and others I can't. One thing I have noticed is that there are more fly anglers now than ever before, so competition is stronger for areas to fish and the fish themselves.

 On the other hand I have found Chub being a little more obliging on the fly and the other day I managed to tempt my best yet weighing in at 5lb 1oz. The fish was taken on a fluffy brown surface fly and I noticed the Chub sat fairly close to the inside bank and lowered the fly into position where the water erupted as the fly vanished from sight, the fight itself was fairly poor but when I landed it I was surprised to see how immaculate it was considering they've all spawned.

Monday, 12 June 2017

Tench on the Float.

 What could be more serene than watching the pin-prick bubbles popping around your finely balanced tackle as a shoal of Tench feed with abandon, not much it has to be said, I still get excited as the anticipation increases before the float slips under or lifts. A couple of weeks ago I spent a while fishing for them on the float and ended up with a lovely bag of Tench, the best going 5.01, not monsters but I swear they fight so hard you'd be forgiven for thinking you've hooked a Carp!

Marching the Towpath Part Two.

 I know this is a little delayed on writing this piece but having spent a lovely and a well needed break in the sun to recharge I am now back with the new river season just a couple of days ahead. I feel I'm almost ready but there was some scores to settle in regards to the canal. A big Carp this year has managed to still evade me but I have located a couple which would smash my canal best of 25.03 set a couple of seasons ago.

 Along with the desire to catch another big Carp from the canals I also had designs on some big Bream too, I know they live in these particular sections in a fair number but also surpassing the 10lb barrier which is quite incredible, not something you'd expect, however, I soon enough realised they had just either spawned or were in the process of doing so. I watched them for a while to work out what was happening, when so enough I concluded that they were in the final throws and were back on the feed.

 Que the stampede, I was following a few Bream around with the view of winching a bait into ones path close enough that it would spark a reaction, after a dozen attempts my plan worked as a large frame charged my flake and within 30 seconds the job was done.....9lb 0oz ! not bad at all as thus far it is my second largest canal Bream.

 It was astonishing how selective a species like the Bream can be but their greedy nature always lets them down, within half an hour I had finally got a chance at a Carp and not just a small one, I suspect it weighs in excess 28lb but without catching I wouldn't know, finally putting a bait in the right area I hoped it wouldn't take long.....

 A 8lb 4oz Bream decided it would eat my offering before the Carp could commit, the smile said it all, I wasn't complaining. So after slipping that black Bream back to the swirly depths I stuck it out for the Carp but they did not appear again.