Personal Bests ( Updated 6th December 2018 )

Brown Trout: 7lb 1oz, Southern Chalkstream. 2015. (Inset)
Barbel: 14lb 6oz, Royalty Fishery. 2013. (Inset)
Bream: 12lb 7oz, River Lea System. 2018. (inset)

Bleak; 3oz, River Thames. 2006. (No Photo)

Bream (Silver): 2lb 2oz. Southern Stillwater. 1997. (No Photo)

Carp (Mirror): 35lb 8oz. Southern Stillwater. 2014. (Inset)

Carp (Common): 28lb 3oz. Southern River. 2017. (Inset)

Crucian Carp: 3lb 8oz. Enton.2017. (Inset)
Chub: 6lb 10oz. River Thames. (Pictured: 6.08)
Dace: 1lb 4oz. Southern Chalkstream. 2006. (Inset)

Eel: 5lb 11oz. River Thames Trib'. 2007. (No Photo)

Golden Orfe: 6lb 12oz, Southern Stillwater, 2017 (inset)

Grayling: 2lb 11oz. Dorset Frome. 2016. (Inset)

Gudgeon: 3oz 3dr. Southern Chalkstream.2015.

Perch: 3lb 6oz. Southern Stillwater. 2015. (Inset)
Pike: 22lb 15oz. Southern River. (Inset)
Roach: 2lb 15oz. River Thames. 2004. (Pictured 2.07)
Roach/Bream Hybrid: 5lb 1oz. Regent's Canal. 2015. (Inset)
Rudd: 3lb 13oz. Southern Stillwater. 1994. (Pictured 2.05)
Tench: 8lb 3oz. Southern Stillwater. 2014. (inset)
Trout (Rainbow): 3lb 12oz. River Test. 2015. (inset)
Trout (Sea): 3lb 5oz. Thames Trib. 2014. (No Photo)

Zander: 11lb 9oz. River Thames. 2018. (Inset)


  1. Cheers Lee, it's involved alot of hard work over a number of years, but slowly getting there!

  2. That an impressive list you thrash me on all but 2. Mind you it's hard here ooop north

  3. Cracking fish list there!


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