Personal Bests ( Updated 20th January 2018 )

Brown Trout: 7lb 1oz, Southern Chalkstream. 2015. (Inset)
Barbel: 14lb 6oz, Royalty Fishery. 2013. (Inset)

Bream: 11lb 7oz, Southern Reservoir. 2016. (inset)

Bleak; 3oz, River Thames. 2006. (No Photo)

Bream (Silver): 2lb 2oz. Southern Stillwater. 1997. (No Photo)

Carp (Mirror): 35lb 8oz. Southern Stillwater. 2014. (Inset)

Carp (Common): 28lb 3oz. Southern River. 2017. (Inset)

Crucian Carp: 3lb 8oz. Enton.2017. (Inset)
Chub: 6lb 10oz. River Thames. (Pictured: 6.08)
Dace: 1lb 4oz. Southern Chalkstream. 2006. (Inset)

Eel: 5lb 11oz. River Thames Trib'. 2007. (No Photo)

Golden Orfe: 6lb 12oz, Southern Stillwater, 2017 (inset)

Grayling: 2lb 11oz. Dorset Frome. 2016. (Inset)

Gudgeon: 3oz 3dr. Southern Chalkstream.2015.

Perch: 3lb 6oz. Southern Stillwater. 2015. (Inset)
Pike: 22lb 15oz. Southern River. (Inset)
Roach: 2lb 15oz. River Thames. 2004. (Pictured 2.07)
Roach/Bream Hybrid: 5lb 1oz. Regent's Canal. 2015. (Inset)
Rudd: 3lb 13oz. Southern Stillwater. 1994. (Pictured 2.05)
Tench: 8lb 3oz. Southern Stillwater. 2014. (inset)
Trout (Rainbow): 3lb 12oz. River Test. 2015. (inset)
Trout (Sea): 3lb 5oz. Thames Trib. 2014. (No Photo)

Zander: 7lb 0oz. Surrey Estate Lake. 2015. (Inset)


  1. Cheers Lee, it's involved alot of hard work over a number of years, but slowly getting there!