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Spring Tench.

 A brief catch up on an evenings fishing over one of my local lakes and after a couple of hours fishing on a float setup I managed to coax a fish into feeding and after a strong battle a lovely Tench slipped over my net. 5lbs 14oz first of the season and hopefully many more to come.

Fluff Chucking Part Three.

 Today's fishing comprised of what wasn't, all week I had a trip to Marsh Farm planned and all the bait and gear was by my parents front door last night in preparation to just wake up get showered and dressed but just after 5am, it wasn't my alarm that woke me up to get a move on but the sound of a torrential rain storm battering the windows, it was raining so hard that I could barely make the houses on the other side of the road, with that I turned my alarm off and went back to bed for a couple of hours, what a shame! I was really looking forward to going there for the first time, maybe next week.  But I'm on holiday for a week or so I'd decided to head off out with a fly rod after Trout again, I'd seemed to hit a purple patch the last couple of sessions and I hoped I'd continue that rich vein of form, it is something I'm enjoying a lot, plus the casting is also improving with every outing.  Fishing for these powerful fish on this light rod

Fluff Chucking Part Two.

 After a week since my last outing with the fly gear I decided to go back out in search of Brown Trout, having not been selected for today's game I had a rare Saturday at my disposal and with the sun out and not a cloud in the sky the condition's were almost perfect, but when I'd got down to my chosen beat the wind was almost non-existent which was a far cry from last week's hairdryer gales, so the conditions were even better.  I brought along a different selection of flies this time to try and mix it up and find out what flies get responses and which ones don't, I really fancied it today more than I did last weekend due to the fact I should be able to cast and lay my fly line in it's intended path.  I had only been walking 5-10 minutes and I had already seen a couple of good sized Trout but they were in spots that weren't viable to cast to, so I had to watch them and move, seeing them made it hard as I couldn't fish for them because the swims I ha

My capture records for 2012-13 season.

This is a record of the fish caught between 1st April 2012 and March 31st 2013. Bream 10lbs 14oz PB Barbel 14lbs 6oz PB Carp Common 21lbs 7oz Carp Mirror 31lbs 3oz PB Carp Koi 4lbs 10oz Chub 3lbs 1oz (fly caught), 5lbs 7oz Crucian Carp   Gudgeon 2oz Tench 6lbs 14oz Roach 2lbs 7oz Rudd 1lbs 14oz Roach/Bream Hybrid   Ruffe 2oz Dace 11oz Perch 1lb 15oz Pike 4lbs 7oz Zander   Eel 10oz Bleak 2oz Silver Bream   Rainbow Trout   Brown Trout 5lbs 12oz (fly caught), 3lbs 10oz

Fluff Chucking Part One.

 After a very hectic few weeks at work and the not so seasonable weather, I really wanted to get out but with a mixture of the rivers being closed and the Bream, Tench and Carp months not started yet I decided to grab a fly rod and go in search of Brown Trout in what had to have been the best weather we've seen in 6 months, so not to waste a good opportunity I headed out very light with a small selection of flies, hoping to wet a net for the first time in a month.  The day got off to a slow start with a number of good swims worked and spotting a few Trout amongst the ranunculus but no takes on the fly, my main choices for the fly were, pheasant tail nymph, blue flash damsel and the black buzzer which have all in the past done good things, so today I stuck to what I know best and but the wind had other ideas, for the entire session it blew and I found it very hard sometimes to muster a cast without a dreaded bird's nest or the fly or line ending up in the bankside vegetation

Back on the banks.

 After a quiet a long absence by my standards from the waterways I had finally managed to break the monotony of work and got out on my local canal in search of a Perch or Pike, over the years I have always struggled on the grand union canal in north London but today, the sun was out and probably one of the best days of the year so far for fishing so I couldn't pass up the opportunity.  Today I spent the day spinner and lure fishing using a range of different colours and sized ones, throughout the morning I had tried a few locks and bends on the canal trying to find some fish shoaled up but after a couple of hours and a few hundred casts, I managed to blank but somewhat unsurprisingly but it was nice to finally get out and with the sun out as it was and with Chris for company who also blanked it was a nice day out, maybe another time I might get lucky. London's Grand Union Pike hunt.     Camden Lock, an old Bream haunt of mine, but no predators apart from the b