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Mission nearly Impossible

Over the last 2 weeks I have been out fishing on a couple of occasions but I have been unsuccessful in my pursuit of some late Autumn Barbel, the sessions have been both during the day and at night but the Barbel have been very difficult this year to locate and when having the leaf fall has made fishing pretty difficult to say the least and a bit tedious at other times but you have to be in it to win it as I keep getting told.  So the plan was to do what I usually do and stay light as possible and move around and find the fish, when you've had a couple of blanks you sometimes think to yourself that, am I doing the right thing or are the fish not feeding or have they all gone on holiday!, but you know the tactic is right and the fish will almost always feed and holiday to where?? 100yrds up or downstream. After assessing that in my head it was time to get to business and my day was to start off on a bad note, to shorten the story a Chub nicked the bait out of a Barbel's gob (

Make mine a double

Yesterday morning I woke up with the intention of going fishing for a Barbel off of my local river in which I have'nt had one from for over a month, too long in my book so the challenge was set and 6.30am I left home with my trotting rod in search of a beard.  The weather was perfect for rolling as the sky was clear and sunny, the river was low and gin clear so spotting them in the shallower water was fairly easy once you located them amongst the runs of weed, but I didn't have long unfortunately because I had a match with a 1.30 ko so I had about until 11am and for the first hour of so I was getting plagued by Chub between 2/3lb keep grabbing the bait everytime I tryed a swim it's although every swim yesterday was crammed with Chub don't know where they've been hiding but come the winter they will be one of my target species especially the 5lb+ variety.  As the morning progressed I did start to find the Barbel held up in little shoals of 2 to 3 per group but

Short weekend sessions.

  Saturday  On Saturday my brother Chris and myself decided to go out for a brief session in search of a Chub or two, not knowing that the river was coloured up due to a bit of rain that stayed around, I didn't get to stalk the Chub as planned so it was a case of fishing the spots that we know they frequent and within a few minutes Chris had a Chub on around 2lb 8oz and as he was fishing that swim I popped up river to have a look to find something to have a cast at and in the shallower water I could make out a sizeable shape sat on the bottom behind some debris, seeing that sat there I went back down to grab the rod and get some bait, back into the swim first cast and waited for about 3 minutes and the rod thumped around stripping line off of the centre-pin like a Barbel which I knew it wasn't, but the fight was very refreshing for a Chub considering they normally come in like a plastic bag off of the bottom.   Chris and his Chub. My Chub at 4.1.    As we h

September 2012 Barbel stats.

06.09.2012 6lb 6oz 09.09.2012 7lb 7oz, 7lb 2oz Total weight of Barbel caught in September was at 20lb 15oz.