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Pastures New on the Canal.

 Seeing as the river's are now closed and the lakes still icy cold I really wanted to wet a line but my options were severely lacking so I decided to try somewhere that I have been meaning to go for a few years now, this decision was partly down to the successes of the lads on the Cut up in Coventry. Jeff and Danny have had scores of predators recently off of their canals so the Grand Union in Middlesex was my port of call. The only Perch in the canal.  Canals have rarely been a hit with me as most are featureless apart from the occasional lock and other places easily pull me away, today though I just packed my 8ft Rovex "Lure Pro" rod and a selection of lures and jigs, Richy joined me for a small walk which turned into a 9-mile march along some great looking water but my lures remained totally untouched throughout and many area's looked like they would be holding fish, blanking on a canal seems to be a curse that I find very hard to break, even where fish a

A Mixed Bag of a Season.

Another fantastic season is firmly in the rear-view mirror but will be remembered for a number of memorable catches, rivers, lakes and streams. Every season that approaches I always promise myself more time on the bank and if you'd believe my partner I never leave it, well that's not true but close....we all have work don't we!  So here's a brief rundown of the last 12 months:  April was as always wasn't fished alot and when I did head out it was after Brown Trout on the fly and a Crucian trip to Surrey, best Cru' was at 1.13 and I had numerous Brownies to 4.6.  May is usually a good month as the water in the lakes starts to warm up and a plethora of species decide to awake from their winter slumber, I broke my PB Perch on my first trip out on one of my lakes in the form of a 2.13 specimen, apart from that loads more Trout to around 4lb were taken on the fly as were plenty of Dace to 6-8oz plus a bonus Rudd. Also a few Carp to mid-doubles were tak

Tough End to a Brilliant Season.

 The last three days of the season have now been fished and although there are just a few hours I'm done, a well earned rest for the river's will hopefully be observed by everyone (especially our cousins from foreign shores!), I'm already stocking up on endless kilo's of groundbait with a monster Bream assault planned for the spring but this time will be shared with a few trips for Rudd & Crucian Carp.  Not getting ahead of myself though here's what happened between Thursday and Today:  Thursday's fishing was solely for Roach and I had all the typical bait to get them feeding and keep them there, to cut a very long but boring story short the magnificent silver flanked redfin's totally ignored me all day, I had a feeling the condition's were all wrong and the river was too clear and from experience I know that is blanking territory, nevertheless I had made the effort to travel so I stuck to my guns and had 9 Chub to 3.5 to show for my efforts, n

Try & Try Again.

 Yesterday evening after I finished work I had a couple of hours spare so a quick trip to the Thames was perfect, a brisk hunt through my parents garden for big lobworms and I was ready, the plan was to find some Perch but the only issue with that is the size of the river, pinning down a Perch isn't as easy as some may believe which is partly down to my lack of knowledge on certain stretches.  I was looking to fish for a couple of hours and the float didn't stay still for pretty much the entire time as the ever hungry Bream wouldn't leave my bait alone and by the time I had called time a total of four Bream to 6lb 8oz came to the net but the Perch could not be found.  So with that blank fresh from yesterday I grabbed a spinning rod as soon as I finished work and with about 30 min of daylight left I set about finding a Perch, instead of using worm's though I took my little 6ft lure rod for a spin, not something I do very well at in the cooler months but I had a goo

Red Letter Barbel Day.

 This season has been probably my best in regards quantity of big fish, although the Pike and Perch have eluded me thus far and with time quickly running out I don't suppose it will happen either so I will probably pick up where I left off next season. Barbel though have featured a fair amount this season and for good reasons too as they aren't the easiest fish to catch but the battles are impressive and I headed out recently to seek out some of these hard fighting fish. The start of a bumper Barbel session.  The conditions were absolutely perfect for fishing and it was clear that the fish were in an obliging mood to feed as well as on my second trot of the day produced a hard fighting Barbel of 4lb or so which was quickly followed up by a 5.5 torpedo, I was on the river by sunrise and by 7am I had already two Barbel gracing my net, a cracking start to the day and as the morning progressed it just got better and better , the fourth swim of the day threw up a sturdy Barb