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Big Dace in a Wild Place ( Part Six )

 This afternoon I had a couple of spare hours, which for a Sunday is quite unusual, I was accompanied by my father for the short session. Initially we thought a little species hunt would be a good bit of fun but the time and conditions were against us so we decided otherwise and my father went off in search of Chub and I, well naturally I targeted the Dace.  The distinct lack of rain in these parts has affected the levels here, so some runs were severely low in water and hardly any pace, this made swim selection difficult but not impossible. For Dace though I am certainly in the groove and this afternoon I landed another large specimen of 14.4oz, this one certainly looked as if it had been through the wars a little, chunk taken out of it and a dis-organised scale pattern. Character. It's been a blast!  I did continue but only a couple of bites followed which I didn't connect with, it seems strange that the runs go dead after very little activity, my only conclusion i

Big Dace in a Wild Place. ( The Special One ).

 I have spent a sizeable chunk of this season targeting Dace with the ultimate goal in catching a pound plus specimen, throughout the season I have been lucky enough to catch plenty "Silver Darts" over 12ozs with the largest weighing a massive 15oz 4dr, so close to that magical mark but as the season nears it's conclusion most species of fish are approaching their top weights in preparation to spawn. Knowing this it's a case of putting a bait into the water, having already done all the hard work in location.  This morning I woke up and went off to work as if it was any usual day, went about my business and managed to finish up early, naturally I shot off home, packed my trotting gear and camera then headed off out river bound for a Dace or two. Once I arrived at the river I quickly found out it was very low, the lowest I've seen it in a long time and gin-clear just to make it more difficult, not to be deterred I start trotting straight away as I only had a cou

The Magic of Winter.

 Trotting on a river in temperature's below zero are often uncomfortable, numb fingers along with uncontrollable nasal drip are just a couple of the issues you have to contend with, but when the line can't flow through the eyes of the rod because they're frozen up is arguably the hardest, almost every cast resulted in this happening. That persisted until the sun got high enough to warm the air up, it made for a beautiful morning and I wouldn't change it for anything. The Roach were my target for the day as is usually the case, with such large fish in residence it's very difficult to pull yourself away to fish for anything else. Love it.  This season I have fished quite extensively for Roach, plenty of blanks in search of fish have been backed up by some stunning specimens and all of which I recognise that I'm extremely fortunate to have experienced such catches. The conditions were perfect for Roach but I know that sometimes the right conditions are wron

Winter Fishing, So Enjoyable.

 Specimen Dace and Roach fishing has been the staple of most of my time spent on the bank, it's been successful and thoroughly enjoying, as fishing should be. So today I fancied doing a bit of everything, Dace, Roach, Chub and whatever else felt like coming along. One of my favourite trots.  A tub of maggots and a loaf of bread is all that was needed today, the Chub were my first target and in the heavily coloured water the fish were feeding very confidently, within 30-40 minutes I had four Chub to 5lb 1oz on trotted flake, but all the time I was there the colour was dropping out fast, once the colour reached a certain level the bites stopped and first part of the session was done. Best of the day.  Next up, Dace, I have a few cracking places that I fish for these impressive little creatures. A pound plus "Silver Dart" is the pinnacle of Dace fishing and one of them here is possible and I've lost one and landed one nearly there. The trotting wasn't

28 and Counting.....

 The title at first might not make much sense but all will be revealed later. After a great day yesterday it would have been hard act to follow, but a plan was hatched. This was to try and get my angling partner Brian on to a personal best Roach and Dace, we saw some Roach of Thursday that would make the most experienced a quivering wreck, looking across the backs of Roach pissing all over 2lb and heading to 3lbs was awe inspiring, absolute monsters.  Seeing as we didn't contact one of the biggun's yesterday we decided to give it a go again, I have been very lucky over the years with large fish over the two-pound mark, 27 to be precise, so I think Brian had served his apprenticeship and I felt it was time to show him a couple of the aces tucked up my sleeve, a very early start again wasn't what my body wanted as I peeled myself out of bed, but somewhat reluctantly I made it to meet Brian and blindfolded we headed to a secret spot of mine that I know holds Roach of dream

A Day in Paradise.

 If there is one place I get excited about fishing it's this place, hidden away in deepest Hampshire it's just the ticket for escaping the pace of work and life in London. I don't usually need an excuse to get a day's fishing in but after a dreadful week which culminated in my first vehicle incident which shook me up a bit but apart from a sore back, everything is okay.  Even before that unfortunate episode the trip today was already planned, so a minor setback wasn't going to ruin it, Brian and I made the journey down under the cover of darkness with the intention of making a full day of it. Upon arrival at the river it appeared to have little colour and was slightly up, just perfect for my chosen target of the day, Roach. These are never easy on this particular venue but I know that they grow in excess of 3lbs with a specific shoal averaging high 1's to mid 2's, a mind blowing shoal of fish and one that I have been trying to unlock, as of yet I'