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Post 100, Thames Barbel.

 For a little change of scenery I headed off to a different stretch of River Thames after Barbel, but I went there more in hope rather than expectation, nevertheless I was confident I could catch something, as soon as I turned up at the river I noticed that it had hardly dropped and was still pushing through very powerfully and still coloured ( like milk chocolate ).  My tackle for the evening/night was a 12ft feeder rod with a 2.5oz tip, with 9.7lb line, 4oz lead, 10inch 15lb braid hooklink fished with a straight halibut pellet and a small pva bag of free offerings to try and draw fish up from downstream but in such a vast waterway using the smelly baits was probably my only chance of getting fish to my vicinity if they were'nt there already, so I had cast out and now the wait had begun.  During my time on the bank I had been consistently battered by strong winds and drizzle just waiting for maybe one bite that could be my one and only shot of hooking something and a good 3

A Proper Barbel Session.

The other day my youngest brother Chris and I headed out to find some winter Chub and the session threw up more than just Chub as the post title suggests, it turned out to be far more than just the pursuit of the skelly's.  Early morning start for us both was in order to get down to one our local rivers before sunrise to meet with a friend of ours, Jeff Jr, who set out to locate the Barbel in the lower reaches of the river whose approach was a lot different from ours, the tactic we employed was a simple roving approach, travel as light as possible, so we left Jeff to his own devices and we set off on our way.  The session started off as planned with a capture of a 3.15 Chub on rolling meat, with my target of 5lb + this fish was the sort of stamp that are average if not just a little above but the larger fish are knocking around but in very small numbers so the target set was a difficult one but I enjoy the challenges that fishing can provide, just a short time after and a fai

Two's Company.....

 With the really cold stuff coming in soon I felt I had to get out before it really gets a grip on the river systems and try to catch some winter Roach. Today I only had a small window of opportunity to get out and do some fishing as I had work as well, so cramming in a nice 3 hour session in search of a chunky red-fin was my plan, after around an hour commute to my destination I had arrived at the river of my choice, I quickly got ready as I didn't have a lot of time available and I had a positive tug on my float on the first cast, which I missed but second time around I did connect with it and ended up being a 3lbs 9oz Chub, which was quickly followed by a smaller Chub around the 2lb mark, but after the 2 fish I spent about another 45 minutes trotting through with only a couple of touches on the float.  The bites had dried up so I moved upstream to a slightly shallower stretch where I hoped some Roach were laying up and again quiet quickly the Chub showed their eagerness for

New Addition to the growing collection.

 In my last post when I headed out in search of Roach and Dace, but only managing 2 good Barbel, I briefly mentioned a new piece of kit that I took out with me, the 10 ft Shakespeare match rod that for £20 seems like all thrills rather than no thrills considering the price but it certainly got put through it's paces and did surprisingly well. Plus I am also looking at buying a piece of history in the shape of a Alcock's "match aerial" centre-pin or a Fred Crouch "true pin" centrepin reel but at £170 it's not cheap.  Also recently I have changed my line to Rovex mono-filament line because of issues with the last brand of line that I had was breaking too easily under slight pressure but no where near enough that would warrant a breakage, to say the least even though it's early doors I've had no problem yet and also a quality that my previous line didn't have was the fact it doesn't mark easily when pinching shot on especially when ro

Funny old sport this...

 Over the weekend I managed to aquire a 10ft Shakespeare match fishing rod (Omni Match) and I have been itching to try it out for some small fish so I decided to go on the hunt for some Roach and other silvers, so with that in mind I spooled up with 5lb line and a selection of floats and a small loaf of bread.  Again as usual I packed up very light and went for a long walk in search of some fish, but my day didn't go as planned as I'd hoped and finding the Roach and the like was very difficult with only a couple of Dace rising in a 2 mile stretch which was not what I expected but I haven't fished the bottom reaches of my most local river for quite a few years and the river had changed alot since I had last been and seemingly the fish have vanished or playing very hard to find.  So after a long walk upstream I started to reach the more familiar beats where I know shoals of Dace lay up, so I positioned myself at the top of swim and broke up a hand of bread and watche

New Year Cracker.

Yesterday morning Jeff Jr and myself headed down on to deep surrey armed with a haul of Sprats in search of some Pike and Perch, so after our drive down and a long walk to the river through the fields and covered in mud before we had even started we reached the weir at the top of the stretch we decided to try, it was coming through with some immense force that I have never seen before, the amount of water coming through was almost unthinkable to which Jeff said to me it was up a good 3 to 4 foot and a sandy colour so straight away we knew pike were out of the question for sure but a canal ran adjacent to the river which was carrying the same colour but was a little more fishable than the river which was a shame as we were both looking forward to fishing it. My friend who only liked me because it was getting fed.  At first we both started with spinners using a range of different types and lures working the water but we didn't have much joy so Jeff decided to go for Barbe