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The Challenges Set for the Next 3 Months.

For the next three months I have set myself some targets to try and achieve, although some may seem easier than others, it will be the locality of where I will be angling for some of these species, I have picked some out as potential PB's too but catching may not be easy and at times I suppose coining the phrase, it will be like "catching the impossible", but if it's worth catching then it's certainly worth the effort I will no doubt have to impart on my quest, so for the next 3 months these will be the species I'll be aiming to catch and my target weights. Bream ( Abramis Brama ) - 13lbs. Tench ( Tinca Tinca ) - 8lbs. Carp ( Cyprinus Carpio ) 40lbs. Perch ( Perca fluviatilis ) 3lbs. Rudd ( Scardinius Erythrophthalmus ) 2lbs. Eel ( Anguila Anguila ) 5lbs. Over the course of this time which will encompass most of the summer I feel these can all be achieved but it will be a mammoth task but one that I am relishing if time will allow me, 6 species of s

Carry on Carping Part Two.

 Leading on from the first short trip out in search of Carp I have since done a couple more sessions but again they have been extremely short session's and not the sort of sessions I prefer but they can yield some great results and have done in the past many a time, so there is no reason why it won't happen again, so a short trip last Thursday morning and another Tuesday night an hour before dusk, both sessions provided sport which was exciting and equally as peaceful, you and your fishing and nothing else to bother you, the sessions I enjoy the most.  Thursday last week I had a 2 hour stint on a localish lake in search of a Carp, the tactic was simple and adapted the terminal tackle to whether the fish were feeding on the surface or along the bottom, 40 minutes of chasing fish around a bay I finally got one to take my suspended bread-flake, the bay I was fishing was flat calm until I hooked the Carp then the swim exploded into white water and foam, a cracking battle at 6

Fishing in Lincolnshire.

 Well, the title may imply that I solely went up the east coast of England just for fishing, which was not the case, myself and the other half headed out of London on a 4 day much needed break from the bustle of our busy town, we made the 3 hour journey up by train and then relaxed in the balmy 20c + weather and lazed around on the beach and did a bit of touristy stuff but one thing that I had researched on was....potential fishing opportunities, of course I packed a rod and some basic tackle, but a majority of the lakes available near to where we stayed were only Carp lakes.  We got into Skegness ( Jewel of the North ) for holidayers within the top half of the country without going abroad, we actually stayed in a small town called Mablethorpe on the coast, roughly 20 miles from Skegness although we did spend a small amount of time there on the beach and looking around the shops, or mainly the other half did and I did bag duties.  As the regular viewers may know, Carp aren'

Carry On Carping.

 Unbelievably it is mid May already and as the warmer weather starts to settle in - the Carp will start to awake from their slumber and feed a little more in earnest with the view to prepare for spawning season and as the water warms up the Carp will also come up the water column and become visible on the surface as they scour the scum for bugs, flies and in the other instance, my bait....well I will endeavour to get as close to them as possible, I don't mind fishing for Carp blind but targeting them visually gives me a lot more confidence and it is my favourite method for Carp, with the best baits being chum mixers and bread.  But when I fish blind it is quiet common to catch other species, from Bream to Tench with also a range of silvers, early mornings for me are the best time for me to target Carp because if they aren't on the top they will be digging up the bottom, thus releasing bubbles from the silt patches that they feed on, but determining what species it is diggin

Trout on the Fly Part Five.

 This Trout fishing business is starting to look easy from just looking at the previous posts but I can assure everyone that the amount of effort put in is huge, the last couple of trips I have found the correct flies to use and worked out how to fly for them, but what's helped me more than anything else is being in the thigh waders, they open up so much more water and even in the parts you can fish from, being in the water makes life so much easier, plus it allows much better presentation and I'm almost convinced that that has contributed to a larger quantity of fish.  After working the entire bank holiday weekend, a whole day out on the bank wasn't possible but the snippet of time I had on Saturday when I banked a new personal best Perch was all that I could manage but today I had a day off and fishing was hoisted back onto the agenda, let's go Trout fishing.  So this is how it went..... A cracking Brown Trout at 2lb 11ozs, just what the doctor ordered, p

You Just Never Know.

 Trout have all but dominated the angling agenda over the last month and although I have thoroughly enjoyed it I fancied shying away from the fly gear and utilized a couple of hours after work today, my intended target were Carp and knowing how big they get in my secret lake, it's hard to not be filled with optimism, just watching some of the specimen's gracing the surface hoovering up anything in sight gets the adrenaline pumping and for the first 20-30 minutes that's all we could do as the majority of fish were out in 40-50 yards of water, so casting was out of the question.  The Carp here love a bit of crust or dog biscuits, so armed with the earlier we carried on walking around the largish expanse of water in search of movement in the margins, as the sun was starting to set we started to struggle to see through the water with the polaroid's on when a set of stripes appeared amongst the already dense weed, it took me about 30 seconds to adjust, focus and realise