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Wet and Wild in the South.

 The typical dilemmas of where to fish as the season draws to an end cropped up yet again, this time the weather had a part to play and most of the rivers I've angled this season were up and coloured beyond the point of enjoying a good days fishing. The rain that fell in the south-east of England had swollen just about every watercourse, thankfully for me and my local knowledge a couple of spots on one particular river remained fisherable. The target? Basically anything I could get to take a bait! All set and ready to go.  The going was tough to begin with as I started my day out in search of barbel, in the coloured water stalking wasn't an option and I relied upon where they were the last time I was out and that at this time of the year is rather flaky information to rely upon. The barbel move incredible distances at time of year as they continue to search out areas where large quantities of food exist and also to avoid angling pressure, which is a factor, even if it

Winter Predator Fishing Recap.

 I must confess that before this season started my predator fishing exploits were a little on the light side to tell the truth as I have mentioned in the past. Now being a father I find time to go fishing at all is rather difficult and having ramped up the amount of work I am also taking on, partially to offset what the better half isn't earning and that as we are entering the final throws of buying a house I have found much of my spare time is devoted at home.  Most of my predator angling this winter has been focused on the rivers in the south of England. As my miniature campaign approached the hallway mark (around late December) I caught my third twenty pound river pike of my life and first of the season, the efforts for hard work were being rewarded and now we find ourselves in March I have ceased Pike fishing. Mainly owing to the fact most Pike down here spawn around mid-Feb onwards I don't want to be targeting knackered specimens when they should be left to recoup afte