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Christmas Tiddler Bashing.

 Over the last few days in between the appauling weather I have managed a couple of short trips out, the first being a quick outing with my younger brother Richard for a spin with our extra light gear and we spent around an hour out and I for once blanked but was shown how to do it, Richard banking two small Pike with the biggest around 3.8lb the other a little jack just over a pound, I did have a couple of knocks and did have a fish on at one point but it was so tentative I didn't strike, only realised it was on when the line zipped out into the bay but it then shook the lure free.  Since that trip though the weather had turned very nasty and all the rivers are swollen, most of which burst their banks and causing wipespread distruction, over Christmas day we only had a small amount of rain but still didn't help matters, this morning before boxing day dinner I had a short roving session for a Barbel, the river up around a foot and absolutely chucking through, it looked perf

Fortune Favour's the Idiotic.

 This was one of those trips where it could have been hurricane force winds and 5ft of snow and I still would have ventured out, I had one of those feelings that something special was going to happen, call it intuition or just a lucky guess, I was going to make that journey regardless, out of bed at a smidgen past 6am and on the river for a little past 7, the river has risen way up on it's usual winter level and was carrying so much colour for that spells a blank in my books, I didn't realise it had pissed down all night and was raining most of the time that I was out too, my tactic was to bait and wait, not my cup of tea at all but in these condition's it does work. My flood water Barbel rig for today, yes Stuart, Boilies!  It was well over an hour of fishing in the same spot and no knocks I thought a change would be good, there was so much debris coming down the river it was causing problems with my bare hook as it kept snagging up on the bottom and also leaves an

Winter Stalking.

 Nearly Christmas now and if I'm not working, it's out shopping for presents, today all of that was pushed aside and I grabbed a lure rod for some spinner fishing and the cane rod if we found any other species that fancied playing ball, after a swift journey into Surrey we headed to a club lake of ours in search of a Pike, for my challenge I'm nearly half-way through so only a small Pike would see me move past the 100lb mark. The Pike are not very forthcoming on any of these lakes and the head of Esox is relatively small so it isn't a given that one will be landed but try we did. At the Dam end of one of the lakes, that's all you need.  Fishing into a stern head wind that was bloody cold, I plugged and span my way through around half a mile of water without a single knock and the wind had finally got the better of me so we both decided to move lakes, we had only arrived at the next piece of water and watched a nice Pike of about 12lb leap clear of the wa

Another Fish of a Lifetime.

 Today's fishing was probably one of the hardest days I have experienced for a long time, the conditions were perfect for trotting, but the low dense fog that we had made visibility very poor, so trotting more than 20 yrds was extremely difficult. My target for the day was the Roach, the last few months the Pike have been top of my agenda but I felt today that a change would be good, I started my day before sunrise and when trotting for the day I tend to pack very light and when it is a trip out for Roach and Rudd I prefer to take a keepnet so I can isolate what I catch from going back into the shoal and spooking the remainder, so often in the winter, the redfins often are shoaled by now and if you do screw up a swim it could be a long walk before you find another pocket, so maintaining their confidence and eagerness to feed is paramount. Light as Possible is best and key to searching out the fish on a very cold day. At 10 in the morning, the fog was very thick. Reall

Thames Recon.

 A brief session on the Thames this morning for a Pike or two had me out of bed at 5:40am, on the bank and set-up with 2 rods baited and out before sunrise, the Thames so far this season hasn't had a lot of my attention and I feel that the river has a hell of a lot to give, with every possibility of a real monster, my younger brother Richard's personal best of 25lb 2oz is a Thames fish and he has seen them larger than that, although it is an enormous system, it has a good head of Pike. A fantastic trot for a Pike.  The conditions were the same as they have been for around a fortnight, in Surrey we have been very lucky to totally escape the wrath of the storm that had battered the midlands up and the east coast of England, but there was still the aftermath of the last storm we had last month where there was dozens of downed trees and swims totally clogged up with trees up to 60ft in length, but these hold ups in the current did give me extra places to fish at for Pike,

Reservoir Pike Part One.

 With my Pike challenge well and truly under way, I decided it was high time that I attempted some reservoirs in my search target species, my search today bought me to North London which for me was only a short journey to the other side of the Thames by tube, the morning rush-hour chaos was what I wanted to avoid but on this occasion I didn't get that opportunity, so I crammed myself on-board, neatly packed like a tin of sardines and off to Tottenham I went.  I arrived at the fishery to meet my recent piking partner Brian the creator of "Jack's Pike", who was to join me at attempting to bank one of the not so famous Walthamstow Pike, the fishery is vast and houses just under a dozen reservoirs in total, a massive amount of water to find a couple of feeding Pike, the odds of catching were very slim but we gave it a good go anyway, we both started using dead-baits and lures in search of them and we spent over 5 hours of unsuccessful hunting, but we were buoyed by th