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A Method to the Butter Bars.

 Crucian Carp are arguably one of the prettiest species within UK waters, unfortunately the Crucian's are fairly rare in their non-bastardised form, hybridisation has effected the true population and finding waters where thoroughbred's reside is very small. I know of a few lakes within an hour of me in south London, most of which have decent stocks within but the most prolific and best known fishery is Godalming's Marsh Farm fishery, on the day ticket weight's of Cru's can reach the dizzy heights of 3lb plus although nowadays these are rare. However the club lake holds some leviathan's with the British record falling on a couple of occasions, which stands now at an eye watering 4lb 10ozs, if only I caught one that size, well I would be a little more than content in myself.  Seeing as I don't have a ticket for the club lake for a couple of weeks yet I decided on Harris lake where good stocks of Crucian's are present with a fairly heavy stocking

Summer Dace and Big Trout.

 After work sessions are sometimes very fruitful, reasons for this are unknown but just seems to be the case, I never leave the house now when I'm working without a rod and basic gear for a bit of stalking and seeing as most species eat bread I usually keep a loaf in the cab just in case. I finished south which was good so I had one thing on my mind and to be honest I had no plans to fish for Dace until November time - once they've put on some weight, but it turns out that I couldn't wait until then.  These Dace that I had found were big. the shoal is of a reasonable size and the quality of the shoal is impressive and would rival any river, any where in Britain and I stand by that assertion. The gear that I used was very straight-forward, an 11ft float rod, 3lb line on an Okuma "Sheffield" pin and a 5AA Avon trotter, this setup is light and very well balanced and didn't take long for the net to be used, a nice Dace of 8oz 2dr to start with...nice. Over

River Carp: In Search of Something a Little Special.

 Carp use to be a species I targeted a lot when I was a nipper, but as I grew up I branched out into other species and never really gone back since, apart from the odd occasion on canals and Reservoir's. Since my arrival back in the UK from Asia I had a few things I wanted to do but setting my sights on a thirty pound plus river Carp was not one of them.  Previously, river Carp were just briefly targeted if I saw them whilst on rivers for Barbel or Chub, but some of the Carp that reside in one river I know are of an impressive size, a few 20's and a couple of 30's. So not a lot to aim at but I like that, competition is still there but fairly low. Friday just gone I had gone down for my first trip of the season, I was hoping to locate some of these bigger fish and of course the outcome hopefully landing one for the camera, a 7am arrival was in order and I felt that fishing mobile with very little gear would give me the best chance of locating and catching one.  My choi

Secret Lake Carping.

 The mystery of certain places that I have fished adds just that something a little special to the adventure, waking up and arriving at the lake before sunrise to watch the mist rising off the surface of the lake as the Carp were breaking in search of breakfast. Just the sight you want to see when you feel like you should still be in bed, it get's the excitement levels sky-rocketing.  The only way to fish for the Carp, effectively, is to stalk them on the surface, or to fish a small peacock quill float and a slow-sinking bread flake, sometime's Pedigree chum-mixers also work but bread is usually the killer bait. The trip in particular was from last week, around Tuesday or Wednesday and the weather was ideal for stalking, very light winds, no rain and a decent sunrise. Proceeding's got under way fairly quickly as a shoal of Carp began to feed around 20 yards out, a dozen or so mouth's (some very big), began to hoover up anything in sight, this also included my bait a

Canal Bream: The Unimaginable Achieved.

 Canal Bream....last season I spent a fair amount of time searching a few sections with Bream in mind, Carp were also on the agenda and I felt that with plenty of time invested I would get to see and unlock some of it's potential, by the time the season ended I had managed Carp to 25.03 and Bream to 7.11, even a large hybrid of 5.01 was landed later on in the season, these specimen sized fish were not what I thought I'd catch, targets were surpassed and expectations surpassed by a country mile.  Probably the best time to fish the canal is around May, I would say unfortunately I wasn't in England but that would be a lie, seeing as I missed the best time to stalk Bream and Carp I chose to seek them by visiting the canal after work and whilst off of work I will also visit for short sessions in search of something very special, today was that day.  I hadn't intended to be on the canal long as this visit was on the back of that 36 hour trip at Walthamstow, Brian decide

Reservoir Bream: PB Fish in Testing Times.

 It had been nearly a month ago that this plan was hatched, during a short message to Brian whilst I was in Thailand a trip to Walthamstow Reservoir was pencilled in. We initially thought a day session would be a good idea but a bit of research revealed that our intended day of fishing coincided with the first night fishing date on the calender, "Great" we both agreed instantly and fast forward a few weeks and travelled a few thousand miles in between I arrived yesterday morning to collect a somewhat under-gunned Pike angler for 36 hours of Bream fishing.  After arriving at the venue to draw swims for the night fishing we headed off to find a suitable looking swim that we felt Bream would be patrolling, past experience has taught me that the shoals move in huge numbers whilst foraging and whilst eating vast quantities of food our arsenal had to be up to scratch (25kg of pellets 4mm, 1kg of corn, 5kg of spod-mix and plenty of other feed should it be needed, the rigs tha