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Slightly off Topic.

 It's no secret that I have enjoyed the miniature beasts hunting since last April and I have continued from where I left off. Wanting to photograph Adders, Common Lizards and keep adding to my Butterfly count which will hopefully culminate in collecting images of all 59 of the British Isles species.  I began on 45 species and have since added to that total with the successful tracking down of the "Pearl Boarded Fritillary". It is now time to get a Marsh Fritillary ( Battlesbury in Wiltshire) and Small Pearl Boarded Fritillary ( Park Corner Heath ), plus a better shot of a "Wall", then calculate emergences of different species with fishing trips to kill two birds with some one stone.  Large Heath is Lancashire, Large Blue in the SW, Swallowtail in Norfolk, Large Tortoiseshell in Portland along with the Lulworth Skipper, Black Hairstreak on Epsom Common, then it really starts to get serious in terms of travel.  4 species can only be found up in Scotland and requir

Finally Something to Write About.

   I have to be honest, this spring ( if you can call it that ) has been piss poor and find myself constantly wondering when the sun is going to come out. With a failed Tench session under my belt, a 21.3 mile hike across the London canal system for a blank has pretty much summed up my efforts. Not expecting much more I scraped together enough get up and go to get back out for the Tench.   An early start on the roads saw me, Brian and my brother Richard try our luck out once again. Brian and I after tinca' and Rich after Catfish. A nice overcast morning greeted us, if not a little cold still my confidence was still higher than it would have been just a week ago. Cooler water temps than usual for this time of year meant I wasn't looking to put a bed of bait out, more like a sprinkle, if only the swans would leave me alone.....which is rarely ever. Motionless for far too long for my liking.  I started out on the feeder to see if a passing fish could be persuaded into picking up a

Final Scores for the 2020/21 season.

  Barbel -  15lb 12oz  PB Bream (Common) -  8lb 14ozs Bream (Silver) -  Catfish - 39lb 9ozs  PB Carp (Common) -  17lb 8ozs Carp (Mirror) -  14lb 4oz Chub - 6lb 4ozs Crucian Carp -  Dace -  10oz Gudgeon -  1oz 14dr Ide -  Roach -  7ozs Rudd -  2lb 5ozs Grayling -  Eel -  1lb 8oz Brown Trout -  3lb 2oz Perch -  Pike -  Zander -  Tench -  7lb 5ozs