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River Mole Barbel Quest Part I.

    Along with my pursuits on the K.Stour I've started to visit the R.Mole in search of my 8th different river double. I must admit upon arrival the first time around I was astounded at how much of the river looked "Barbelly", literally every ten yards looked like it could hold fish, that has given me a dilemma as to where I concentrate my efforts.  Large overhanging willows just one of the pegs.  It is as if someone has just created a mile long Barbel swim and as I fished through Tuesday and Thursday afternoon my confidence of catching something was sky high. The river was up quite high but in perfect condition, especially on Thursday. Tuesday didn't result in any action, nevertheless it was invaluable as I got to check depths of certain areas and how weedy they were, along with other useful snippets of info.  Most spots that I have tried so far have ranged in depth between 4ft and 8ft but more importantly pure clean gravels, in some instances the near-side margins a

Attentions Turn to Other Rivers.

    With the tough proposition of catching a double figure Barbel off the Medway completed, other rivers can come back into the fold as my pre-season target of ten rivers looks to now be a very good bet, dare I say maybe even achieve eleven or twelve if the time, skill and luck allows. I remain quietly optimistic of such an achievement, I have done hours and hours of homework, had conversations with anglers who's patches I may one day wander, just to build an image of roughly what my challenge will encompass and where it will take me. Fishing overnight on the KS was slow, so I watched the moon instead.  Once I had the pleasure of capturing and releasing that immense Barbel off the Medway I packed up immediately and made my way across Kent to the Kentish Stour, a river I've spent a bit of time on with very little success ( only Chub so far ). Given my bouyant mood I felt confident that a Barbel from here would be a possibility and that I could at a stretch achieve two rivers in

River Medway Double, That's A Wrap!!

   Like anything in angling and indeed any other line of work or passion persistence is key to success or at least a vast majority, my trips on the R.Medway were mainly short evening sessions, in the hope that one day I would come across a creature of the deep. With the Medway spanning over 70 miles the scope to target is so vast, so location is key as usual. Bear in mind this being my ninth visit to the river since October last year and only recently breaking my duck, fishing has most certainly not been easy.  With conditions slowly cooling down south I opted to head out at dusk for a couple of hours and try my luck. I headed down with a little more confidence too owing to my recent catches on the Medway and Colne, so all I could do was try. A nice balmy evening on the bank was pleasant for a few hours fishing, just add Barbel! After setting up I aimed for a gravel channel just under my feet in the margins where I have suspected the target use as a feeding highway owing to the surroun

Pursuit of my River Medway Double.

    Last winter I tried my hand at the River Medway, probably not the best time to target such a river owing to its nature. In flood I have never seen a river so violent and unforgiving, two to three metres of flood water can rush through the valley in what seems like a heartbeat, a couple of times I have either been fishing when the river has risen without warning, others I have arrived 1 or 2 days after heavy rains just to find roads impassible and entire fields under a metre of floodwater, so seeing it in a placid state was actually quite strange, this is what I was met with the other evening.  A quick journey down as its now my most local river was taken care of and within minutes the rod was set up and ready to go. After a half mile walk to my first swim completed it was time to get a bait out.   Having just received some new bait from Darren @thehookbaitcompany I opted to pop one 18mm BigSquid dumbbells on and await the action, baring in mind I hadn't yet had a bite or fish o

River Colne Double, That's a Wrap!!

    Having seen my target fish just last week and only on Wednesday slipping the net under a fighting fit Colne Barbel a new sense of purpose was found and my fishing mojo rediscovered once again after a tough 6- months of fishing. Since landing the 8.13 a return visit asap was a must.  So on Friday after work I headed straight back down the river and made a bee-line for the same area. The brisk mile walk was soon complete and with the warm sun on my back I got settled and gently lowered my Garlic Nimrod hookbait and small PVA bag on to the clean gravel bed, all I could do now was sit, wait and hope for some activity.  With fishing in mind after work I waited to have a bite to eat, so now that I was settled and bait out on the dining table it was time for me to grab something. I reached into my bag to grab some Pringles and as I began to turn to face the rod with food in hand the rod sprung into life and even on a tight clutch, a fish made off downstream at some serious speed! Thoughts

River Colne Revisited.

   I spent a large chunk of my winter campaign for Barbel on the River Colne as various work engagements had me just a matter of minutes away and snap sessions were easy to come by before taking the M25 home. I spent a total of 64.5 hours over 13 visits with only one Barbel to show for my efforts, I really thought I would have had more joy but given the conditions maybe I should have been less expectant.  Knowing the Colne is far from easy I hoped that in time I would come across something impressive, but then the closed season came along and gave me the opportunity to reflect.   For me it was a prolonged closed season owing to a newly arrived addition to the Denison family which indirectly gave me even more time to hatch a plan, that plan would be when I got back on the tools that I'd grab short after work sessions, the sort of sessions I have come accustomed to owing to a busy life between work and family.  That extended time off gave me the opportunity to do some homework and do