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Monster Tench.

 This week has been pretty hectic as a work packed week is completed and I pack for my annual trip abroad to soak up some sun and escape our busy lifestyles, which in London is the norm. All week I have been looking to go fishing but finding the time has been difficult, but this morning I had a break in the schedule and although the rain hammered down as I left home I knew this would be last time out fishing until July unless I head out for some deep sea sport in the Med.  This mornings session was only to be a couple of hours in length so I had set up before leaving home and took only the minimum, upon arrival I was greeted by a shoal of 30-40 Carp spawning on a massive bank of weed, for 5 minutes I stood mesmerised, Mirrors-Commons-Koi carp all thrashing away creating the next generation, with seeing this display I thought that I would not get many opportunities, even if I didn't it would be a relaxing morning and after the initial persistent rain the sun was very keen to dry

Carp Agenda.

 It's nearly holiday time and before I go away to hotter climes I have been attempting to catch some Carp and have had varying success stalking them, squeezing as much time in around work has been easier said than done but nevertheless, I had embarked on a couple of trips before work, whilst getting up and out before dawn is perfect to avoid other life it certainly has it's benefits for catching Carp too.  For the first two trips I managed to draw a blank and found the fishing pretty hard going, with very few fish showing it took a while to find them, the third trip provided me with a better opportunity to catch some Carp and I made good of a very confident shoal of plated Mirror Carp when one of the bigger fish sucked in a lump of bread flake at the first time of asking, just the way I like it, a typical strong and assertive battle played out with the result being a 15lb 1oz Mirror and a very good looking one too, which looked like an old fish but on the flip-side it fough

Super Spotty's Take Two.

 Well, what can I say about the fly fishing I have experienced over the last month, a number of good sized Trout have been caught and even though a 3 or 4lb Trout is a very big fish on any river or lake/reservoir, but I have noticed a distinct lack on much larger cock & hen Trout within the system with the largest being around the 4.8 area, the 5's and 6's seem to have all disappeared, so I like a challenge and headed off out fly-fishing again in search of this elusive monster that must still exist, just that I haven't seen them, the weather though unfortunately was due to be pretty dire and it did it's best to stay true as it bucketed down most of the day and just as I would get dry it would rain again, with that all said the session has been the best I've ever experienced and here's why. Perfect little fly muncher.  This was one of three sub-one-pounders that I had which were caught during a half hour spell of rain interrupted fishing, after these

Super Spotty's

 As the coarse close season draws to a close my fly fishing quest will also draw to a close as it has done over the last couple of years and although a large Trout isn't on my target list with the time available I thought that a short trip out with the fly rod would be nice and spend a lovely spring afternoon ambling along one of my pristine beats of Trout water in search of a brownie, the last 2 months have been good Trout fishing with the first couple of sessions proving tough, as the temperature has increased the fly life has improved hence the larger catches of Trout.  The tackle used was my standard 8ft - 4 weight fly rod with a selection of flies to tempt the spotted athletes, I started fishing the usual haunts and in my first couple of casts a small brownie rose and hit the fly but I contrived to miss it twice but it didn't attempt to take it again unfortunately, I did however have one shortly after plus a small Chub put in an appearance which took a fly with some se