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Canal Rudd - Part Two

 With yesterday's success on the Rudd front I woke up this morning with a plan of where I was going to try, I wasted no time this morning on getting started with a slice of bread broken and tossed out to seek out the feeding fish and await the swirls to begin, but I saw something I didn't expect as a huge bow-wave broke out in amongst a weed bed, it shot off up and then double backed straight towards and under the bridge I was standing on, I first thought it was a crazy Pike but I had never encountered that before, then as some reeds downstream of the bridge started moving violently and then it revealed itself, in the half light I could make out a large head of an Otter as it popped up to check where I was, still able to see me on the bridge it went under and the bow-wave began again, an Otter on that canal could be devastating and could have a profound effect on such an intimate water, if it was a rogue then hopefully it buggers off but as the day progressed I was catching f

Canal Rudd - Part One.

 It's been a while since I've wanted to get a start on my Rudd fishing, I did have a half-hearted attempt at Frensham Small Pond after the resident fish but it turned out to be hard work, so to make thing's tougher I decided to head down to Somerset in search of Britain's prettiest species of fish and I sure you would not argue, wild Rudd in beautiful surrounding's.  The weather forecast all last week made bleak reading and thing's weren't turning out well, come yesterday evening the forecast was exactly what I was hoping for, bright sunshine and light wind is my ideal condition's for stalking Rudd and armed with a couple loaves of bread the hunt was on, I began my three-day quest with a stunning fish which was in great nick, after 20 minutes I had one on the bank, but this trip came with a target of a 2lb plus specimen with a 3lb+ fish unlikely but who knows what could happen!.  As the day progressed the larger Rudd were starting to show, between

Big Dace in a Wild Place Part Two.

 The large Dace that I have seen recently and been lucky enough to catch a few of have been flickering through my mind over the last week so I had to satisfy my mind, a forty minute journey completed and I arrived roughly where the fish were last time but I know Dace move in their shoals a hell of a lot, I have never found them in the same place twice and finding them again is not easy as there is plenty of water with the addition of bank to bank weed with only small amounts of gaps but those are the only options.  With the temperature reaching 27c by midday-ish the sport was tough and the Dace weren't feeding hard and I only managed one of 8oz 7dr, not a monster but with the abundance of natural food things are currently tough, as it gets cooler it will improve, plenty of Chub to 4lb 6oz also made an appearance but in the process of coming in to the net ruined the swims with their frolicking, but better than nothing I suppose.

Barbelling Session's.

 With my Rudd campaign looking to resume soon I thought about getting amongst some Barbel and with a few little pocket's of spare time knocking about I have been getting myself on the bank and hoping for a wrench or two to mix up my fishing a little.  The other evening with a little rain predicted I set about building a swim and awaiting the fish to turn on, it took longer than I thought it would but a quick move proved pivotal as this slender summer Barbel fell to my BFR, the first of many no doubt and that was quickly followed by another of smaller ilk (5lb or so) but equally as powerful, oh how you miss a good scrap..... The largest around the 7lb mark.  So that evening session was a success and I wanted to get myself back into the swim that had produced previously for me but I had taken my father (James Snr) on a little guided tour for a Barbel with the hope he could manage one of these magnificent fish, size wasn't on the agenda as he doesn't get out much. We

Not Quite To Plan.

 It has been a funny week in regards to the weather as it has been up and down like a fiddler's elbow, the fishing has been indifferent and recently I have been thinking of having a short break to allow the systems to sort themselves out, so bearing that in mind I planned on tackling early morning Bream. The 4am alarm sounded and hit the snooze button immediately for I wasn't ready and not enough sleep had been caught, I did finally get out and on the bank for roughly six, when I arrived I was met by drifting weed and a brisk down wind which made fishing extremely difficult, I did attempt to fish it but after just half an hour I knew it was futile so I packed up headed elsewhere. There is a river there somewhere....  Thing's looked better upon arrival at my next venue, surrounded by beautiful woodland and not a soul in sight I set about targeting the Tench and Bream that I know are present, both species are known to top 12lb+ and with specimen's like that availa