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Blanking Equals Success...The Second Instalment.

 Since my last post in regards to the Barbel I have been out on the bank a couple more times and I had spent hours leapfrogging swims in the hope of finding a shoal, for which I never did. At night it is a totally different ball game, day time is great when you can see Barbel but during the night you have to be either very clever and do your homework or just be lucky, I like to think I do my homework.  So Thursday evening I made the journey out and packed as light as possible, nothing worse than lunking shed loads of gear around, my first swim that I had got into was very tight and steep too, but the swim looked perfect for it but at night everything looks the same, so I'd cast out a 16mm Dynamite Baits halibut pellet on a hair rig and the waiting game had begun. The plan was to throw out some handfuls of little pellets and fish the larger one over the top and fish for about 30-40 minutes and then move swim, three swims later after having done this I was starting to think about

Cov' Hoodoo.

Canal Zander fishing, not easy going.  On Sunday a group of angling writers/blogger's made the journey to Coventry for a meet up to celebrate Jeff Hatt's birthday, a Zander fish in was decided on and I travelled up with Brian and Richard to have a go at those pesky feeder's. After missing our train at Euston and another £20 odd quid later we made our way to Coventry.  The day planned was to fish until 6pm roughly and then retire to the warm pub - hopefully after catching a hat full or Z's, Richy and I were only fishing for ten minutes when he had already latched into a fish which turned out to be a jack Pike of roughly 3.8 when Jeff & Brian arrived, after meeting up with a few anglers whose blog's I have read for years we all split off into pods and fished a range of spots in search of Zander, I didn't have any joy throughout the day fishing wise and just watched on as a couple of Zander made it to the bank, Brian managed a couple 3.8 and Jeff had a

Blanking Equals Success.

 During the week I had spent an evening on the banks fishing a tactic rarely deployed by myself (static), I find being mobile is the best approach to Barbel fishing, I have covered this topic many times in the past and a session during the week followed by a trip made yesterday morning were in stark contrast of each other, the evening session was spent in a couple of swims fishing pellet over a bed of small micro pellets in the vein hope of catching a Barbel but after 4 hours of fishing nothing materialized and I headed home without a touch. It made me think alot about what I was doing and I also re-evaluated my tactics and setup with the view to improving my static fishing catch rate, this blank will certainly bring further success and it was my first blank for Barbel all season which is astonishing to think, 19 Barbel in 11 trips, I think that's great going - I hope it carries on. The selection. My rig, which has been successful but not on that occasion.  Fast forward

Wrong Conditions.

 I woke up on Saturday with the view to go out for some specimen Roach and at this time of year they will be starting to feed up in preparation for winter, so I packed a very light tackle bag and some back up bait in case things didn't go to plan......and how glad I am that smelly baits were bought along, I got to the river and it was up a foot or so but had dropped considerably plus it was carrying a lot of colour due to the clay banks being torn away by the heavy rain of late.  Straight away I knew the Roach would be very difficult to locate and with the heavily coloured water they probably wouldn't feed until it started to fine down, but for over two hours I did try a couple of swims where I thought they might be but I didn't have a touch, I had admitted defeat and I feel no matter how long I spent trying it was never going to happen. A mile and half upstream I knew of a couple areas where decent shoals of Chub congregate and in these "wrong conditions" Chu

My Autumn & Winter Pike Challenge For 2014-15.

 Last season was my first real attempt at catching some Pike and I have to say that I had some fantastic trips in search of them which culminated in my PB Pike of 19.5, this lovely specimen was caught on the Royalty in October 2013, since then I have made a string of appearances on the magnificent fishery but not been as successful but more trips will be made to the Hampshire Avon as the weather gets much cooler.  So far so good for the predators as a whole this Autumn, a new PB Zander of 4lb 7oz from Old Bury Hill and a PB Perch earlier in the season of 2lb 13oz, but a new PB Pike hasn't yet been found with my personal goal this winter is to find a 20lb plus Esox, I'm sure my want of a large Pike will take me across the country to many different fisheries - running & still in search of a fish that is still I believe the most exciting fish in our waters, over the last 2 months I have already been on the Wye, Thames, Avon ( Christchurch & Salisbury ) and a couple of

Blown Away.

On Saturday morning I had planned an early morning trip out for some predators and maintain my focus on a 20lb Pike and maybe a bonus 3lb + Thames Perch, so in order to embark on this trip all I had to do was wake up at 4:30am on a brisk autumn morning and go fishing, but unfortunately my body had other ideas and after an exhausting football match the evening before the alarm sounded and was switched off. 8:45am and I awoke without the aide of the alarm and by which time I had missed the best time to go out in search of my Esox so I had to re-buff my plans and decided on going out with the trotting rod armed with maggots to have a go at a few shoals of Dace & Roach. It took a lot longer to get fishing than usual as the weather tried it's best to curtail the session before it had even began, but I'm no fair weather angler and this sort of blustery wet weather is what I like as not many other anglers would have the patience to withstand the barrage of leaves and constant

Back In Time For Crumpets & Tea.

 6:30 am on a lovely 18c morning in November......yup it's almost like summer is rearing it's head or so you'd believe, normally by this time of the year I'm wrapped up in layer of clothes complete with gloves and my rusky hat but instead I was donning a light pair of trousers and a T-shirt, my ideal target was a Barbel but anything would do, just to get out of bed on a lovely morning and go for a wander with a rod would have be suffice, I arrived with a window of a couple of hours max so I got set and headed off into the woods.  I walked for roughly half a mile before I spotted a few fish which turned out to be Chub but they were almost impossible to fish for so I aimed a bait past them into clearer water and hoped they would follow it out, the following four casts down nothing happened and the Chub stayed locked up in their little fortress, regardless of what I did they were not coming out but I continued to roll to a bait around in a deeper slack further downstre