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River Derwent Double, That's A Wrap!!

   On the quiet a plan has been slowly building to do a small tour of some of t' northern rivers, chiefly the R.Derwent but also one or two of the lesser known waterways where Barbel do reside and more importantly, double figure Barbel. The last few weeks I've spent collating info where I can and also a couple of local anglers have given me snippets of info to go on, for example what club books are hooey and what ones are worth investing in.  Before I made the 204 mile trip to the Dearne sandwiched in between Barnsley and Rotherham an impromptu diversion was made to the R.Lea, of course good Barbel are known to live here so I really fancied my chances of getting off to a great start. After getting lost and costing me 40 minutes of extra walking I finally reached the area I had earmarked to fish ( google earth is your friend, that is of course the map is the correct way up....), with that very very blonde moment firmly behind me I got to finding the potential fish holding areas

Undisclosed Success.

    A slightly strange one for me to not disclose the river, but its small and any pressure on there in the short term could really hamper my efforts to locate and catch my double figure target, once I have achieved what I am after then I'll update my blog to reveal the river. The campaign on this diminutive river has begun pretty well, my first visit last week was primarily a wander to get an idea on what to expect and my second visit yesterday was to roll meat in the still murky water to search out a fish.  That plan to search out a fish worked wonders, within half an hour the rod hooped over with a small common carp in tow which unfortunately slipped the hook, having seen it was a carp I wasn't too annoyed. That loss was followed by two very sharp tugs on the tip that I missed, somewhat by surprise as I was holding the rod both times, however the bite that really mattered came around an hour into my visit and the bite was just what I expect from a Barbel; savage, violent, br

Finding My Feet on the R.Itchen, R.ColnBrook & R.Bourne.

   As my quest takes me on to my 9th river the net is being cast just that little bit more as I learn the likes of the ColnBrook, Bourne whilst continuing my quest on the Itchen and Kentish Stour. Setting about fishing each of these rivers has their own little challenges, the ColnBrook remains to be a tough nut to crack, having now fished it three times I'm yet to catch a fish and on my first visit I spotted three Barbel, from that moment I thought a double maybe on the cards and catching a Barbel quite likely, that hasn't been the case and the aforementioned Barbel have vanished.  My first trip to the Bourne was probably not in the best of conditions as it was chocolate brown and typically runs like tap water, the purpose of this visit was first of all to see how the stretch looked and whether it held the capabilities of A; producing Barbel and B; producing double figure Barbel, after all that is the benchmark for each river on my challenge. So I didn't get to see the rive

River Mole Double, That's A Wrap!!

   With that loss on Monday still very raw I wanted to get back down as soon as possible at the very least try and get a bite, on Wednesday I shot down to the river after work to find that in just two days the river level had dropped more than 8 foot!, I didn't think it would happen so fast, seeing as I was there I tried my luck anyway, unfortunately I fished a few pegs but without a touch.   When I had got home I looked at the forecast for the next few days and the next few days looked pretty squalid, with a decent bit of rain the river could well rise again. Whilst at work yesterday and chipping through my schedule the persistent rain showers had me thinking that the Mole could potentially rise a little and with a bit more water in the river I may stand a chance of a bite, maybe even a fish.   About 1530 I left south-west London and headed for the Mole, shrouded in drizzle to moderate rain the whole way down I felt like I stood half a chance. When I arrived the rain was teaming d

River Mole Barbel Quest Part II

    Back on the R.Mole again as I look to improve my understanding of the watercourse and how to successfully target a big Barbel. Running murky just about every minute of the year its very difficult to work out where snags, depressions and weed runs are, it does make locating fish just that little bit more difficult.   Having landed a Carp on my second trip I had a couple of spots in mind, however when myself and Brian - who came along for a few hours - arrived, we found the river way, way, way up and pushing through really hard, this gave me another thing to overcome as I'd not had the challenge of 6-8ft of floodwater and over the course of the day continued to rise. With no real pressure, Brian and I had a good catchup as my fishing recently has been predominately after work snap sessions so we haven't had much time on the bank.   Given the extra water I couldn't fish the swims where I thought we stood a chance of a bite so we ended up dropping into a couple of pegs that