Sunday, 9 June 2013

Camping Gudgeon.

 Just a quick update before I put my latest post up, a couple of weeks ago before my holiday to Cyprus, Stu - Chris and myself headed down to my local river to carry on some the hard work we have been putting in and this time was no different. With a plethora of crud and peoples disguarded possessions that no longer served their purpose so, naturally in London it ends up in the river or in the bankside vegetation awaiting to be thrown in the river by someone else.

 In the river on this occasion we extricated 15m of blue tubing, 4 tyres, 2 bikes, a black Aprilla moped, half a patio table, 2 tents, 2 Gudgeon, untold wood and other solids along with around half a ton of a mix of miscellaneous rubbish (mainly plastic carrier bags).

 The two Gudgeon were very lucky to survive because we didn't notice them until Stu had dragged the tent up the bank to the rubbish collection site, when a Gudgeon starts flapping about on the floor which then got Stu looking to see if there was anymore and sure as, there was another pristine Gudgeon about the same size as the first one, they both got re-released back into the system to live on, also below is one of the items that made us all chuckle, as to how someone could walk in them!!, and how did it end up in the river?

This Gudgeon was hiding in the tent that is in the foreground of the picture.

Stu hard at work clearing a safe path through to Chub heaven, a scene of many fishy crimes.
Hopefully we will manage maybe one more clean up before the river season starts and then it will then remain business as usual.

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