Monday 21 September 2015

Return to the Royalty.

 This last couple of weeks has been pretty tough going, I guess the reason for this is the constantly changing weather, although it has been up and down a few sessions have been made, so a quick catch up before the Royalty part.

The Zed float which indicated plenty of bites but nothing on the bank.
 A quick Zander session on a local canal was arranged with Brian in the vein hope of locating one, we have very little knowledge of these elusive creatures, so the trip was probably my 5th ever trip for this species, so I can't be expected to have caught loads or expect to catch but I will try starting with the trip last Tuesday. We arrived after both finishing work and arrived at the same which was good timing so we cracked straight on, a lure was whacked out whilst we both fished static and a schooley followed the lure to the surface but failed to commit, it didn't really happen after that so we moved down the canal to a creek where I know silvers do get caught. We dropped in and as soon as Brian's piece of roach hit the deck the float was on its bike but unfortunately was unable to make contact, that was the pattern that set in as I had various runs on the float but only managed to contact one albeit momentarily, we finally managed to drag ourselves away an hour later than planned as we had been gripped by the activity with the hope of landing one, next Tuesday weather permitting the journey will continue.

 Next up is the Royalty and I was joined by a old work colleague of mine, Warren and Brian who also ventured down to the fantastic fishery that is the Royalty fishery, it's never easy but I felt that we were in with a chance and a couple of weeks ago I came down I lost a big Barbel below the Pipes in a large weed bed, I wanted retribution and it still holds very fond memories for me, a place where more can be made too. The weather was due to be really sunny and warm, not particularly good for barbel but gave it a go, the day was hard.

Rolling, on the search for a Barbel or Chub.
 We worked the top end before making the leg aching trudge through the bog at the bottom end of the fishery to hopefully find one of the fisheries bigger specimens but through all the hard work we were rewarded with wet feet and boots, so after the failed attempt further down we returned to the upper reaches and went over the same glides as in the morning but this again didn't pay dividends so our last hope of saving a blank was continue the hard work as dusk settled, fourth roll through Fiddlers and the rod lurched over as a good fish nailed the meat, 15-20 seconds later and whatever I'd hooked tucked itself in one of the many weed runs, flashback of that big barbel a couple of weeks ago played on my mind and it didn't take long to realize that I had suffered the same fate, full of hope they were now feeding I baited back up and cast slightly downstream just ahead of a large clear patch.....the rod nearly got wrenched out of my hand on the first roll, a good fish darted upstream but it didn't take long to work out it was a Chub and not a big one but it turned out to be a blank saver too as me and Brian finished up in the House Pool on ledgered Cheese and meat but neither worked its magic. So a tough day for one Chub, but better than a blank for sure and with some water in it I'm sure I can catch some more of those Avon torpedoes.

My saviour, a warrior of a Chub.
Big Mullet ploughing the bottom, even these couldn't be caught.

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