Thursday, 16 June 2016

Secret Lake Carping.

 The mystery of certain places that I have fished adds just that something a little special to the adventure, waking up and arriving at the lake before sunrise to watch the mist rising off the surface of the lake as the Carp were breaking in search of breakfast. Just the sight you want to see when you feel like you should still be in bed, it get's the excitement levels sky-rocketing.

 The only way to fish for the Carp, effectively, is to stalk them on the surface, or to fish a small peacock quill float and a slow-sinking bread flake, sometime's Pedigree chum-mixers also work but bread is usually the killer bait. The trip in particular was from last week, around Tuesday or Wednesday and the weather was ideal for stalking, very light winds, no rain and a decent sunrise. Proceeding's got under way fairly quickly as a shoal of Carp began to feed around 20 yards out, a dozen or so mouth's (some very big), began to hoover up anything in sight, this also included my bait as I positioned it in front of a fairly large set of lips, the bread didn't last long.

A healthy scrap resulted in this warrior at 20lb 6oz.
 The fight was fairly powerful and beats a morning workout in the gym for sure, larger ones were spotted amongst the scores of smaller fish but through much restraint I ended up catching one of the smaller fish at 15lb 10oz which wasn't too bad, it gives me urge to go back and see if I can find one of the much larger fish.

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