Thursday, 9 August 2018

T.H.P.C: Part Seventeen: Twenties Delight.

 With very little change in the weather over the last 8-9 weeks my tactics have varied slightly when it comes to stillwater angling, it is either bread crust or flake, its not rocket science but as the summer has wore on I have found carp less obliging to feed on the surface, so slow sinking flake has been the winner on most occasions as the further down the water column my bait has gone freely the more confident the fish have been, plus one of the waters I am currently on the Rudd populations have exploded and fishing crust has proved to be a battle of whits.

 Often leaving at 4-5am to get to my chosen waters for dawn and a full day of work ahead my sessions of late have often been just 1-3hours long, no pressure to catch, just enjoying the time out as coming across a forty plusser in a couple of these waters isn't going to happen, where as on the other two of my ticket lakes the possibility is not distinct but hopefully an eventuality! thats self confidence right there for you, is my confidence mis-placed? who knows, only time will tell.

 Catching carp of any size is fun, losing them not so fun, it has happened a couple of times so far and those have been big fish, both either at the far end of upper 20's or low 30's which has left a bitter taste in my mouth, the effort unrewarded, the fire lit for retribution.

 Catching twenty pound plus carp can never be sneered at as they represent for most anglers, old and young a worthy adversary and a specimen fish which would brighten up anyones day and so it should, one of the reasons I stopped carp fishing, back-biting, one up men ship, sabotage and so on are all issues that were flying around, not for me thanks, catching fish should be fun and enjoyable.

 Thankfully for me this challenge has been enjoyable so far, yes I have lost a couple of fish I wish hadn't have, that is fishing for you! My most recent sessions have been a success with a few good carp slipping into the net. Here is a little group of fish taken over the last 2 weeks on those fleeting sessions I spoke of.

A wood carving mid-double common.

17lb 9oz warrior.

21lb 8oz park lake common.

Night vision.

22lb 5oz park lake warrior.

22.5 release shot.

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