Thursday 4 February 2021

Getting Prepared.

  As new season is just a little over 4 months away I am beginning my plans for proper assaults on the country's Barbel stocks as I look to turn the screw on my new challenge.

 So far my BAA ticket has arrived giving me access to some pukka sections of river and at £40 for a full membership that enables fishing on reaches of the rivers ; Severn, Anker (albeit very limited), Mease (again, only a small beat), Teme and a section of the Wye. Having done a bit of reading I am quite tempted to start my season on the Severn and if I get lucky quickly I'll move on to the Wye as they aren't too far away from eachother, or the Teme, Thame etc. God the list of rivers to target are endless.

 However, rivers closer to home such as the Kentish Stour, Rother, Arun, Medway, Lea ( which I acquired a Fishers Green Consortium ticket for ) provide good fishing whether its a couple of hours after work or a days fishing when I have the time available. Then not to mention other rivers like the Colne and Itchen where work often takes me for which I have dabbled on over the last 4 months with not much success it has to be said, not that it surprises me of course!.

 Summer and Autumn 2021 I hope will throw up a few surprises and that a few of my targets are achieved. In the last week or so I have learned my youngest brother is moving up to Bolton-upon-Dearne in Yorkshire from London which will put me on the doorstep of another river or two that are on my radar, hopefully I can grab a couple of hours kip in between days on the river as I stalk my targets out of the lush weed infested rivers, those days can't come soon enough, hopefully this situation we find ourselves in will have blown over and life can resume on the banks as normal and I can make up for lost time. 

 I live in bloody hope! By this time next year I hope to have chalked off a few rivers and been firmly in the double figures. I currently stand on five rivers. 

 Here are a couple of shots of sections I have available to fish from June 16th onwards.

 Already dreaming of it all.

River Teme, Lindridge.

River Wye, Stacklands.


  1. Make contact on the usual channels if you require restocking of supplies or lodgings whilst in the Midlands. CV11 based for local sit-reps.

    All this pseudo-military language you're using whilst wearing camo gear is whipping me into a right frenzy - good luck! :)

    1. Message received over!!! I will certainly give you a message when I look to get up to the Midlands. You managed any fishing this year?

  2. You've certainly no shortage of choices, I hope you get the right river on the right day a few times and the season is a success. Any fishing will be appreciated this year, I haven't yet set any targets.
    Tight lines

    1. No shortage but that does give me a dilemma to where I do target! With so many options i will probably find myself thinking, "what if I went there" ect. I guess as long as I am enjoying myself does it matter?


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