Saturday, 10 April 2021

Adder Time!


 Sadly I have barely mustered a cast since the end of the season and with not much time to hand of late I have found myself planning trips when the weather warms up, so with that I thought I'd set a slightly different target. Last spring I got into Lepidopterology as I noticed a couple of different species flying past that I'd never taken any notice of before hand knew very little of them. 

 By the end of the butterfly season in early October I had successfully documented 47 species and photographed 45 of them, quite an achievement which was wholly driven by my thirst for completeness. Now I know I'm short by 14 species ( to photograph ) but accepted that given the whole lockdown/covid-19 scenario I think I made a great go of it.

 This spring however I have factored in something a little different and that being reptiles, one that escaped me last year was the Adder, but after a bit of research and luck I soon put that to bed with over a dozen individuals spotted amongst the Gorse in just two short afternoon visits with the camera, as time goes on I'm sure the images will get better but these will do for now!


 The Butterfly photos will be posted on a separate post this weekend as I hope some of you may find them interesting!


  1. Wow a nest of vipers, I've never seen that many together. It takes me back to my days of creeping around the Mendips. A freshly sloughed male adder is one of nature's great joys.

    1. I am really enjoying seeing them, first of all I must have been walking straight past them, but now know where to look and what to look for they are fairly straight forward. Wonderful sight!