Grayling in Paradise.


 After a long awaited return to a little slice of heaven, myself and Brian had a catch-up day targeting Grayling and hopefully avoiding Trout and conditions couldn't been any less Grayling if it tried. Beautiful sunny day followed a chilly morning where we had both spent the night on the R.Itchen as I looked to finally break my Itchen Barbel duck but no such luck there, of course.

 I always struggle to sleep the night before heading into deep Hampshire so it only seems right to fish instead. Using very light gear as usual we both set about stalking Grayling in the crystal clear waters that flow toward the Test some distance downstream. Brian struck pewter first but I shall leave him to blog about his results (available early this week - Brian' blog), it took me a little while to slip into my groove and at one point I could do no wrong and after plenty of trotting the fish kept coming, it was a much needed change from the busy work/family life I currently have to just relax and no pressure on the day, just enjoy it.

 Enjoy it I did. 

Wonderful Autumnal look.

 Peering over the edge of reeds to see good Grayling holding station and picking off the odd maggot was fantastic to see as their confidence was built before tempting them on my 12ft float rod and pin. This very satisfying way of fishing lasted all day as I ended up with 21 fish in the end with 9 being over a pound, with my best three going 1lb 11oz, 1lb 15oz & 2lb 1oz, the other ones were mostly around 1lb 8oz and most importantly the Trout really didn't seem to be present in great numbers like normal and more notably very in-active which enabled the Grayling to feed better too.

 Here are a few images of my best two fish which capped off a great day in great company in great surroundings.

1lb 15oz, oh so close.

2lb 1oz, cigar time :) 

 You always know when they are bigger fish as they take on that dark pewter like complexion.
 ...And some others images of the day...

Brian' float in the top right is away!!

1lb 11oz, my third biggest.


  1. Great day and beautiful grayling! Who uses a pink float?!?

    1. Some hairy arse geezer! I think we did pretty well considering. Frome next time out on the Grayling front. Time to target a 3lb specimen me thinks.

  2. Great to see, was defo a grayling day all over the country.

    1. It was a great day for the Grayling, beautiful weather too which was not expected!


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