Thursday 25 May 2023

Back to Plan A.


 I am well behind on this post, life has just been far too busy for fishing and all that comes associated with it, to tell the truth I am just trying to stack as much money away as possible and the work is coming at me at an unrelenting pace (not complaining)!.

 That said with June just around the corner I've been picking up a couple of tickets that will hopefully position me well to add to my current tally of double figure off of different rivers of 18, with the half way milestone just two away I'm getting giddy!  

Everything I need!

The Arsenal.

 However, before we jump head first into the new season I went back out for Bream a couple of weekends back, my previous two trips were blanks and apart from the odd liner I had literally no action, this time around I opted to change things up a little and target a different water, I felt it was just a case of having baits out in the water, the Bream if they were feeding will do the rest.

 With the subject of age starting to be uttered with more regularity I splashed on a I'm not soft, just got to a moment in time where comfort outweighs everything else. Bloody comfortable I must add and makes having a kip whilst fishing a joy rather than a chore as I often made matters worse for a bad back that i've suffered with for years and laying on a cold hard bank hasn't helped at all.

 Once I got all the gear to my desired area the heavens opened, thankfully I got the bivvy set-up with seconds to spare, the rods and bait didn't go out for another hour as the rain lashed down. Finally it cleared albeit for just half an hour so I got everything out on the dance floor, all I needed now was a bin lid or two to come along.

 Fast forward 19hrs.....yes it really was slow but out of nowhere I got the most Bream-like bite you'll ever get, a few bleeps and a rising bobbin only for it to start falling away as a nice drop-back formulated before I lifted the rod to feel the tell-tale nodding of the rod at 55 yards, a slow and again typical fight played out and lasted just a couple minutes and there, in the bottom of the net lay a double figure Bream. Twenty minutes later a carbon copy take and fight played out again. 

 One double figure Bream was joined by another! after all that waiting and two came in just over quarter of an hour, bingo!!!

 I couldn't wait to weigh them, photograph and take it all in, this has been a long time coming, but not PB's unfortunately, fish of 16/17lbs is possible and have managed fish to 14lb 6oz.

 On the scales they went 12lb 10oz and 12lb 2oz a pair of beauties and made me a happy boy, but there was still plenty of time to get more.
 But not on this session, my bobbins stayed very steady. Clearly I had a small pod of Bream pass over my baited area, caught two and then the rest moved on I suspect, mustn't complain though!


  1. Well done James, a fine brace. Welcome to your middle ages and the eternal search for a comfy chair.

    1. I know right! I must admit, should have bit the bullet years ago in my twenties (haha) nevertheless I have come around to the notion at last that being comfortable whilst fishing is important!

      And, yes, I finally found the Bream albeit too late really, I reckon I need to start my search for them as soon as the rivers close.

  2. Nice write up, I noted you got "Arsenal" in there!?!

    1. Cheers Adam, I had to get the boys in there somewhere and glad it was noticed by someone. Such a shame we fizzled out when we needed to remain strong, but its a learning curve up against the machine that is MC (Abu Dhabi FC)

      Onwards and upwards!

  3. Beautiful bream. Don’t think I’ve lost 27 feeders in my life though!

    1. Mega Bream, not as big as my achievement from last spring but I am not disappointed at all, big old Bream are pretty awesome and you've seen the release video, how mega do they look?!


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